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Ozeki Italian Cuisine is situated at the back corner on ground floor at Wisma Cosway, occupying the lot that was previously held by a Tosaya, a Japanese restaurant that I went quite a few times over lunch but somehow never bother to write about.

Ozeki is a name I’m familiar with, when my office was at KLCC, I used to frequent Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine at Menara TA whenever my wallet and taste buds agree. So when I found out that they open this Japanese infused Italian restaurant, I knew that I must give it a try.

Update 8/8/2013: Unfortunately this place is closed, perhaps too ahead of it’s time

Ozeki Italian Cuisine at Wisma Cosway is non-halal
Ozeki Italian Cuisine at Wisma Cosway is non-halal

The restaurant is non-halal, they have coffee, wine, pasta, pizza, steak, and pork in the menu. Today though, we’re going to talk about their lunch menu, which I thought provided awesome value for what you get, albiet with limited choices of only 4 sets.

We’ve tried two of the four so far.

black angus steak platter
black angus steak platter

The Black Angus Steak Platter was the one that caught my attention on my first visit (and also my second visit, hehehe).

At RM 30 it is also the most expensive option, but you get mixed salad, appetizer (mixture of beans of some sort, varies from day to day), a baked tiger prawn, Italian steamed egg custard that tastes very similar to chawanmushi, and soup of the day (I had mushroom soup once, and minestrone soup another time).

Then of course, there’s the 80 gram black angus beef prepared to your liking, I like mine medium rare, and they prepared it exactly how I wanted. It was savory, juicy, and went very well with the Japanese steamed rice and mushroom. RM 30 was well worth it, and they serve cold water with no extra charge too.

roasted chicken and risotto platter, soup included, but not the coffee
roasted chicken and risotto platter, soup included, but not the coffee

If you go with the Roasted Chicken and Risotto Platter (RM 26), you get everything described above, but instead of beef & rice, it’s cheese risotto and roast chicken thigh with chef’s special sauce. This was actually a pretty big serving and my colleague who tried it gave nothing but glowing review.

The other two selection on the lunch menu are Vongole Pasta Platter (RM 24) and  Tonkatsu Panini Platter (RM 18). The former is pasta with clams and mushroom, and the cheapest option is a pork sandwich, both serves with soup of the day and Italian steamed egg custard.

If you haven’t tried Japanese style Italian food (if that make sense) and don’t want to break your budget, lunch at Ozeki Italian Cuisine would be a good place to start.

wisma cosway map

Ozeki Italian Cuisine
Ground Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2148 9390
GPS3.150875, 101.711812
Hours: Lunch and Dinner 

As promised on the Taman Desa Japanese BBQ post, here’s how you spend less than 1/4 the money and DIY some pork bbq goodness at home. An awesome BBQ chicken wing recipe is thrown in as well.

This BBQ was done several weeks ago when my sister and my niece were in KL to get their visa application finalised. They have moved to the states now.

pork, chicken wings, vege, we have it all
pork, chicken wings, vege, we have it all. Kerol & FA working on the grill

pork belly BBQ:

  • buy pork belly from the market, I paid RM 25 for about 15 portions of what you’d get from Taman Desa BBQ place, cut them in squares
  • marinate with half a cup of cooking sake, 1 tablespoon salt, and 2 tablespoon vinegar
  • as for sauce, add chopped garlic to Japanese salad dressing (wafu dressing, shoyu vinegar)
  • BBQ on medium heat till cooked
pro tip: soak the satey sticks in water for 5-10 minutes before BBQ to prevent burning
pro tip 2: don’t mix vege in between meat, they have different cooking time
p/s: Haze came up with the recipe and marinated the pork, everyone loved it, need to make more next time

my sister & niece, with a few friends & ex housemates
my sister & niece, with a few friends & ex housemates

awesome chicken wing BBQ:

  • marinated chicken wings (together with drummets) with 3 parts oyster sauce, 2 parts soya sauce, and 1 part dark soya sauce
  • add some pepper to the marinate
  • let it marinate for at least half an hour in the fridge, longer = better
  • BBQ over medium fire, poke the drummet – no juice coming out = cooked

instax pic with my sister, the niece, and me. =D
instax pic with my sister, the niece, and me. =D

Vegetable BBQ:

  • er.. just put them on stick and burn away!
  • add some salt to serve

That’s it, simple and yummy BBQ. The experiment was a success, will have a bigger BBQ party next time!

Ouch, my elbow!

September 24, 2012 30 Comments

After more than 1350 blog posts, I can finally claim that this is the first written by using just one hand. My awesome skills typing with all 10 fingers now temporarily suspended.

look at the deformity on the first pic
look at the deformity on the first pic

While playing futsal with my buddies on Saturday, I fell awkwardly on my elbow trying to chase a ball that somehow eventually went under my feet. A dull but loud “thunk” followed by cracking sound not very different from extending your knuckles, and then the intense pain…

It was like having a brick placed on my elbow, with a big dude sitting on top of it.

A look at my elbow confirmed that something was… well, a bit wrong.

my elbow completely dislocated
my elbow completely dislocated

The guys sent me to Assunta and I immediately called Haze to come over. After some paperwork, I had an xray done, and the doctors put me under general anesthetic to reduce the elbow back to original location, just like LEGO I guess. This was all done after about 3 hours time as the doctor (Dr Chong from Assunta) was in surgery earlier, luckily the pain subsided after the procedure.

I spent the night in the hospital for observation and was discharged after another xray the following day to make sure everything is alright.

The wallet damage

  • total medical fees – RM 2,829.05 (room was 209.88)
  • insurance (Prudential) – RM 2,466.05
  • self pay – RM 363.00

So now my left hand is on a sling and immobilized with a splint. I’m supposed to be on MC for 2 weeks, we’ll see!

Freak accident happens I guess, it’s the second time this year for me after the MCL injury in February.

Hidden at the alley just right behind the Honda Showroom at Jalan Imbi sits a hawker stall that has a sign that says See Kee Curry Puff. The stall is pretty old, and the operator even older. In fact, it’s been over 30 years since the old uncle first sells his curry puff at this area (source.)

see kee curry puffs has been around for more than 30 years
see kee curry puffs has been around for more than 30 years

And this was the first time I tried one. After having Ipoh Hor Fun for lunch at Pau Kee just a stone’s throw away, my colleague suggested and bought us some. There’s two types of curry puffs available here, between chicken & mutton, the option was easy. I’ve never tried mutton curry puff.

the mutton curry puff is excellent!
the mutton curry puff is excellent!

The mutton curry puff (RM 1.50) has chunks of mutton nested in potato & curry gravy encased in the golden crispy pastry shell, it was different yet familiar, and made me wonder why isn’t there more places that sells this? A bit more savory and slightly stronger tasting, I love it. The chicken version is said to be top notch too.

Give me this mutton curry puff anytime over Ikea’s version, thank you very much.

map to restaurant Pau Kee

Restaurant Pau Kee
(next to Honda showroom)
off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.145658, 101.715414

One of the hawker dishes that is always in my list whenever I go back to Penang is kuih teow soup (粿條汤), and especially those those that serves duck meat.

You can find pretty good substitutes for char kuih teow, hokkien mee, and even curry mee and laksa in KL, but when it comes to kuih teow soup, there’s very little choices in Klang Valley (I can only think of Penang One and O&S)

satu satu tiga is the name of the kopitiam
satu satu tiga is the name of the kopitiam

So on my previous visit to Penang a couple weekends ago for my sister’s farewell, we decided to have this for breakfast. Our initial destination was the famous kuih teow soup stall at Anson Road wet market (tried it once, my mom tapao, was excellent) but the eccentric operator wasn’t selling that day. So we decided to head to the shop at Lebuh Carnarvon, which was originally from Lebuh Armenian.

We turned into Lebuh Melayu to park the car, and that’s when we chanced upon this other kuih teow soup place by the name of Satu Satu Tiga (太牛后) and decided to give it a try.

kuih teow soup with fish ball & duck meat, we ordered extra duck meat/skin
kuih teow soup with fish ball & duck meat, we ordered extra duck meat/skin

We ordered three bowls of kuih teow soup and a plate of extras with “everything” in it to share.

The kuih teow soup was excellent. The soup subtle but has that sweet savory taste in it, duck meat soft, tender, and fish balls bouncy and flavorful. It was as good as anywhere.

my sister got an organ donor card too
my sister got an organ donor card too

The extras though, was even better! There were plenty of duck meat, skin, and intestine on a bed of crunchy bean sprouts with some fried garlic sprinkled on top. Anyone know where I can order this outside Penang? I miss it!

The same place also serves koay chap, they are open for business for breakfast and lunch. Try it if you’re in Penang.

map to restaurant satu satu tiga, Penang

Kedai Makan dan Minum Satu Satu Tiga
113, Lebuh Melayu,
10100 Penang
GPS: 5.414283, 100.334341
HOurs: breakfast & lunch