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Most everyone have a preferred angle when it comes to taking photos. For example, if you are to pose with Amber Chia for a picture, she will always stand on the right side (check this old post from Cheesie), therefore showing the left side of her face to the camera. This is mostly because we are not exactly symmetrical.

hidden smiles
many props were used to cover the lower half of my face, hehe

As for me, the left/right side thing doesn’t affect me. I have a very different approach instead, over the years, I have perfected the skill of  having my mouth inconspicuously covered. Variety of props were used, my hands, coffee, beer, fish ball, pizzas, etc.

The reason is simple, I don’t have a great set of teeth, or jaw line for that matter.

the overbite and not-so-aligned teeth
the overbite and not-so-aligned teeth

My teeth has several “problems”:

  • they are not aligned, lower set of teeth’s completely skewed to a side too
  • i have a pretty severe overbite, to the point where I have to cut noodles using my upper teeth and tongue (something I did without realizing)
  • I have old fillings and metal crown that’s not terribly sweet looking
  • one wisdom tooth at the bottom jaw (I don’t have any in upper jaw) is pointing side way, and the other is surfacing (yes I just reached the ripe age of 21 :P)
  • my front bunny teeth chipped (notice the “n” shaped curve?) during a fall when I was young

the model of my teeth and jaw
the model of my teeth and jaw

Haze has started putting on braces a few months ago to correct her teeth as well, and has been encouraging me to do the same.

After a pretty long research, studying, and procrastination, I am finally doing something about it. I will be getting Invisalign and some other treatments to fix these teeth once and for  all.

I wouldn’t say that Invisalign is the answer to everyone’s crooked teeth problems. You have to be a right candidate for it as it is for you. The benefit is obvious, it is pretty much impossible for others to tell when you’re wearing it, and it usually take less time to correct the teeth than traditional braces.

putting in the Invisalign starter kit
putting in the Invisalign starter kit, both trays already on in pic 4.

The disadvantages?

The biggest of them all – you can take them off.

Well, you need to take them off in order to eat. As with any method of adjusting the position of your teeth, it can get very uncomfortable/pain. With traditional braces you have no choice but to bear with it, but with Invisalign, you can take them off and throw them away. Invisalign therefore, is terrible if you aren’t disciplined enough to keep it in 22 hours a day.

Oh, and the constant cleaning. The clear trays can get dirty very quickly, and you’d have to brush it at least 3 times a day, and preferably after every meal. This is a pretty huge commitment, but something not something that is terribly difficult. After about a week of forcing myself to do that, it became sort of a habit anyway, and this is from someone who used to only brush teeth once a day.

Then of course, there’s the price. Invisalign is quite a fair bit more expensive than traditional braces in Malaysia (actual cost depends on your condition). However, since payment is pretty flexible (one shot, half-half, monthly, every visit etc), you can always spread it out. I think of it as a one year project and more than worth delaying having a new car for the same period of time. at Jalan Ipoh, I’ll be visiting this place pretty often

I am now on my starter kit with one set of trays just to let myself get used to having them in my mouth, the first set of Invisalign  trays that will actually align my teeth will be coming in a few weeks’ time. Will be documenting my journey to better teeth here.

Can’t wait!

Discuss : Finally Getting My Teeth Fixed

  1. woooo goood luck!

  2. Okay, this is interesting. Please write more! 🙂

  3. OMG you’re a genius never noticed the hiding teeth thing

  4. iamthewitch

    Here’s to better looking teeth! All the best! 🙂

  5. Nymphadora

    I heard Tom Cruise wears it too 😛
    Any tooth extraction involved?

    • Nymphadora: that depends, I believe I’ll have to remove one of my wisdom tooth but that should be it. Extractions are needed for those with crowding problems.

  6. DropsofContentment

    Aww you should have gotten the traditional braces! It’s like a rite of passage for so many people..heh. And at the end of it all you’re going to be wearing retainers that look exactly like those Invisalign you’re wearing now! =D

  7. can’t chew tough food at the mean time? 🙂 but it sounds simpler than the traditional ones..

    FiSh @ ohfishiee

    • FiSh: no problem in chewing at all, but I think whenever you put in new aligners, some teeth might hurt a bit and thus chewing hard food could be tough for the first 2-3 days. I’ll find out soon. 😀

  8. Christine d

    Great!! You will have beautiful set of teeth soon 🙂 good luck!

  9. Good Luck with the treatment master! Nice bike you have there,lol.


  11. well, never too late for beautiful tit… opps i meant teeth. heheh

  12. Stand on right side show left face meh? Not right face ah?

  13. kimberlycun

    yay to better teeth!!! sorry i burst out laughing at your problem no 2

  14. so, the duration is one year…. traditional (metal) braces at least 2 years…can pengsan wait so long . invisalign is very expensive. maybe the instalment payment can be think about. whats ur total cost? 5k?

    • yen: my treatment is a bit more than that, ya but you can always spread out the payment to lessen the financial pain. lol.

  15. With bad teeth still can get hot girls, what chance do other guys have when you have great teeth? No fair!

  16. I kinda have your lower set of teeth…gonna monitor your journey before considering going for Invisalign.

  17. Cindy Tong

    i have a bunny teeth too but I am so scarred to get it fixed…so i jus let it

  18. The whole thing cost RM5k? Only?

    I remembered xiaxue did hers for like 6k-8k in Singapore currency.

  19. a KY with straight teeth!? hahahaha very excited for you!!!

  20. My good friend and her dad, Dr.Foo and his staffs are the best dentist. Very friendly,gentle and professional. Definitely worth the investment for your pearly whites!!

  21. Do you mind to share the approximate total cost of your whole treatment?

  22. Hi KY, can you share with me the durations offered for the installment payment? As it is a large sum, I would like to consider it financially ahead.

    • Sam: the installment plan can be discussed with the dentists. Usually it’s a bigger sum to start (downpayment?) and then you just pay a smaller sum every month or every visit. Treatment can take 1-2 years.

  23. Hi KY .. i am planning to get invisalign as well can i know about the progress have you achieved the shape you wanted is it straight now ?

    How much was the total cost ?

    Thank you 🙂

    • iila: I’ll make another updated post soon, but so far the progress has been great, just a bit to go but it’s getting there. If you see some of my latest pictures you can sorta see them. Total cost is highly dependent on the individual case, but expect to be more than RM 10k for sure.

  24. Hi KY,

    How are you, My name is Ivan and we are selling ultrasonic cleaner for Invisalign/retainers cleaning.

    We understand that the ewww feeling when you have to wear your invisalign with debris on it, and brush just doesn’t good enough to clean the retainer.

    Can I tell you more about our ultrasonic cleaner?

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