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Remember I wrote about the free Fruttare ice cream that is given at the Fruttare Surprise kiosk outside Lot 10?

Well it is now extended until 29 July, which means I’m going to be making more trips to the area for those delicious icy treats!

Fruttare ice cream, extended
there is no free lunch, but ice cream? yes!

Fruttare have been giving out these refreshing burst of surprise since 16th of June and every time I walked by during lunch hour there were plenty of happy people enjoying the free ice cream.

find yourself on Fruttare Surprise gallery
find yourself on Fruttare Surprise gallery

Other than just free ice cream, Fruttare is also giving out exciting prizes too. All you need to do is snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare’s Surprise giant kiosk at Lot 10, and share the experience on your facebook page.

If you’ve taken photos there while claiming the free ice cream, check out and try to spot yourself in the gallery of photos and video taken during the event. You can download and share it via email or facebook. Make sure to use #Fruttare@Lot10 hashtag too.

this lady is certainly impressed by the taste of Fruttare
my colleague is certainly impressed by the taste of Fruttare

As for the ice cream itself, they taste excellent, my colleague’s description was “you know sometimes when suck the ‘juice’ off the ice cream and then it’s just ice left? This one isn’t like that“. It’s positively juicy and absolutely delicious.

I’m going to go get more. 😀

Discuss : Free Fruttare Ice Cream outside Lot 10 – extended!

  1. i’m gonna keep walking up and down bkt bintang and collect as many free ice creams as i can until they ban me from getting any more! 😀

  2. New layout…nice, though need some time getting use too…

  3. Hey, nifty layout! 🙂

  4. I’m liking the new layout. Professional looking 🙂 . Kudos to Haze

  5. Let’s go on Friday!

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