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One of my waist line management activities is also the number one sports of the country – badminton. I’ve been playing it with the same group of dudes since about 5-6 years ago. We always collect a little bit more than is needed to pay for the shuttlecocks and court, then use extra money for a feast every so often.

The trip to Restaurant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, however, was not from those extra money. This trip was made possible by one of our members’ generosity. Chi decided to buy everyone a meal out of the mere joy of sharing, so thank you boss!

Restuarant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, fresh seafood
Restuarant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, fresh seafood

Though the restaurant is located at the god forsaken place that is Bukit Beruntung (the exit North of Rawang on the North South Highway), getting there proved to be pretty simple. A couple right turns after the highway gets you there. Without crazy Friday evening traffic, a drive to Bukit Beruntung from PJ/KL shouldn’t take more than 35 minutes or so.

The restaurant is a glorified kopitiam with air conditioned as well as normal fan-cooled dining area. Since no one was going to smoke in between meals, we opted for the climate controlled option.

vegetable curry, vitamin c, chef's special tofu with minced pork
vegetable curry, vitamin c, chef’s special tofu with minced pork

We had the typical Chinese style dinner, with steamed rice to go with these dishes.

First to came were the vegetable curry, a couple dishes of fried vegetables, and chef’s special tofu with minced pork. Though lacking any seafood, poultry, or meat, the vegetarian curry was rich and flavorful, not quite as strong as those good Indian curry, but plenty good from a Chinese restaurant.

The tofu with minced pork was delightful – silky smooth tofu with thick sauce and the contrasting texture from minced meat. Highly recommended.

Siamese style tilapia, more vegetable, German style pork knuckle
Siamese style tilapia, more vegetable, German style pork knuckle

A couple richer tasting dishes came next. The Siamese style tilapia is your typical deep fried fish with richly flavored sauce poured over. They executed this perfectly, the sauce a mixture of sweet, sour, and spicy taste that has a hint of Vietnamese influence thanks to the use of basil leaves. I like it, and you should try the chili padi if your system tolerates spicy food.

German pork knuckle is a dish that is making in-roads at local Chinese restaurants (such as New Paris, SS2), the version here is one of the finerΒ specimen I’ve tasted. Crispy on the outside, but steaming hot and soft on the inside, the skin is also seasoned to perfection.

pork ribs with orgasmic sauce, chicken wings, seafood tofu
pork ribs with orgasmic sauce, chicken wings, seafood tofu

After the two heavy dishes, we were served 3 others that were anything but light.

The pork ribs covered in a creamy peppery mushroom sauce was super delicious. The dish also came with some deep fried mantao so that you never waste a drop of those delicious sauce. The pork was tender, succulent, and the sauce absolutely stunning, it became our favorite dish.

We also tried two types of chicken wings here – one with Guinness and the other Marmite. They were again, rich, heavy, and goes extremely well with some whisky (which we brought with us along, I don’t think corkage was charged)

Last but not least, we also had two types of seafood tofu served. One to be enjoyed with Thai chili sauce, and the other covered with a sort of sauce that is not entirely unlike cake icing, but strangely it worked very well too. The home made seafood tofu tastes like a happy marriage between tofu and fish cake, they were very delicious.

these are my badminton kaki, I'm the second youngest in the pics :D
these are my badminton kaki, I’m the second youngest in the pics πŸ˜€

The bill came to about RM 290 for the 11 of us, which translate to about RM 26 per person, practically a steal for what we had that night. The individual dishes were all very good, but I thought it would be better if we balance them with some lighter tasting dishes in between, like soup instead of curry, and perhaps a dish or two that is prepared by steaming.

If you’re willing to drive a bit for good food on the cheap, Restaurant Triple round is definitely a place to check out.

map to restaurant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung

Restaurant Triple Round
No.1, Jalan Melati 2B,
Bandar Bukit Beruntung,
48300 Bukit Beruntung, Selangor
GPS: 3.40614, 101.55628
Tel: 012-380 1162

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  1. RM26 per pax? That’s a steal. =) But I think is a bit too far for me to travel there.

    • smitten by food: yah, was a real steal and made the journey definitely worthwhile

  2. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  3. since chinese outlets are ‘stealing’ the german pork knuckle recipe, i wonder if the german restaurants will strike back and take revenge by serving something like, say, dong po pork! yums πŸ˜€

  4. Constance Ant

    sharing always make a meal cheaper πŸ˜‰

    i was 😯 at the pai guat! it’s my favourite part of piggie πŸ˜€

  5. This is our golfing gang fav restaurant after a game. Delicious, not expensive and quick service. Even when it is full (which is often on a Sat/Sun) you don’t have to wait long for food to arrive. My personal fav are stewed beef and prawn spring roll. Years ago I even had croc meat here. :mrgreen:

  6. Yeah, German pork knuckles seem to be making inroads in Chinese restaurants in Sibu (of all places) too. I prefer the plain good ol pork belly that they usually serve.

    Two servings of veggies this time eh? πŸ˜‰

  7. I been there countless times and the price got spike up frequent recent years.

    • Ford: just like most everywhere else? lol.

      • Blame the publicity. I recommend you look for Salam 1 Cafe in Bkt Beruntung. The mamak food is pretty good.

        • Ford_GT: but mamak food won’t be what we look for if the travel is solely for food I think. hehe

  8. what a good find! the food looks really nice and it’s not that expensive.

  9. you just reminded me, I have not eaten fried fish in ages! Yau Cham Yue! yummie!!

  10. Bukit Beruntung is a bit far for KL people ler….but nice food!

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