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A month or two back I was a man possessed looking for curry mee, and a friend on twitter mentioned New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah. Despite only about 5 minutes from this place, I’ve never even really noticed the existence of this neighborhood eatery, so naturally we went to check it out after one of my weekend wet market shopping spree of pork, chicken, and vegetable.

New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah
New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah

One of the better versions for Wantan mee with hakka fried pork. New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #pork #nonhalal

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As this is a quieter side of Taman Megah with only one kopitiam at the whole shop lot island, parking is a relatively breezy affair if you don’t mind walking more than 10 meters.

The kopitiam itself though, is fairly busy, and you might have to wait a few minutes or share table with others during peak hours.

dry and normal soup version of curry mee, KL style
dry and normal soup version of curry mee, KL style

As it turned out, the curry mee was decent, but not quite what I normally would crave for (no pork blood or prawns). It is of the KL variety with cockles, chicken, tofupok, and long beans. If you love this style, you will probably enjoy it more than I do.

The unexpected food find here turned out to be the wantan mee stall that offers quiet a different varieties of wantan mee derivatives.

the "char yok" option with dry wantan noodle
the “char yok” option with dry wantan noodle

I’ve had the normal version with wantan and chasiu, chicken feet and mushroom, and char yok (fried pork with namyu) with fungus so far. Though the chasiu is decent and wantan is pretty good, I love the other two versions quite a lot more. The phoenix’s claws were fat, juicy, and full of flavor, char yok with fungus absolutely tantalizing and definitely “original”. Reminds me of the nasi lemak with char yok at Segambut (non halal).

If you haven’t stopped by this kopitiam, perhaps it is time to do so. 😀

map to New Grand View, Taman Megah

map to New Grand View, Taman Megah

New Grand View restaurant
Jalan SS 23/11
Taman Megah, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.118003, 101.612908

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  1. Ford_GT

    Sh!t, me caught off guard also!….lucky you, bro.

  2. first time i see wantan noodle with fungus. ;p

  3. Constance Ant

    there’s one kopitiam in ipoh selling wantan mee with curry paiguat (pork ribs)! the meat is sooooo tender and succulent!!! best ever.

  4. Smitten By Food

    There is a vegetarian restaurant behind this hawker stall. Its pretty good, you might want to check it out next time =)

    • Smitten: awesome! will do that when I feel like vegetarian (not very often, hehe)

  5. i’ve only started to learn how to appreciate chicken feet these past several years. when i was a kid, i hated it. if i could go back in time and give advice to my 10-year-old self, one of my tips would be, ‘eat chicken feet. it’s nice!’ 😀

  6. I’ve been here before and found the curry mee a bit disappointing too. I’m a huge fan of pork blood. Haha.

    Haven’t tried the wantan mee, looks promising, love a lot of customization with wantan mee. 🙂

  7. The stall selling the Hakka mee with its unique minced
    pork sauce is nice too.

  8. sorry…the exact location of new grand view restaurant is Taman Sea…tq 😛

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