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New Yew Sang might not have a name that sound like an authentic Thai Food place, but this little coffee shop that is famous for steamed rice (and soup) and lui cha for the breakfast and lunch crowds is a hidden gem for tomyam lovers.

New Yew Sang Thai Food with Yuki, Horng, Ring, Kerol
New Yew Sang Thai Food with Yuki, Horng, Cheesie, Kerol

I was first introduced to this place by Kerol, who is a fellow Penangite and one of the harshest food critic especially when it comes to tomyam. If she said it’s good, she’s usually right.

I went there for a scouting expedition by ordering the tomyam meehun prior to the following two visits (where these pictures are sourced), and the experience was a really positive one. I think I overhead the owners speaking Thai to the kitchen staff as well, that’s always a positive sign.

paku, Thai steamed siakap, seafood tomyam
paku, Thai steamed siakap, seafood tomyam

To be fair, this is a tai chau place with heavy influence of Thai food instead of a typical Thai restaurant, like Ghee Seng Thai food in Penang. The ambiance is nothing to shout about, the place is relatively clean, and there’re fans under the root in an otherwise semi alfresco dining area. Parking is relatively easy to get at night though.

The menu is quite extensive, but lets start with the most important item – tomyam. The tomyam here is thick, extremely flavorful and positively spicy. Use the ladle and dig at the bottom of the bowl will reveal the ingredients that made up the soup, ie: no short cuts, no powder/paste nonsense. If you like your tomyam hot & spicy, this is a place to go.

lala, steamed fish, butter squid
lala, steamed fish, butter squid

The butter squid here is laden with plenty of those very addictive deep fried egg on top. A dish that I’d recommend ordering, but according to Yuki & Horng, they have a “wet” version of butter squid that is even better. I imagine it to be similar to those from Thim Kee at Pudu.

The lala here is commendable, but not something that is really special. If you’re going for a pure lala trip, look no further than the lala stall at Alisan SS4 just down the road. Steamed saikap that we tried was of pretty good standard, the soup base definitely carries a heavy Thai influence – sour, strong, and slightly spicy.

prawn with petai, some tofu dish, vege (vitamin c, hey!)
prawn with petai, some tofu dish, vege (vitamin c, hey!)

In another visit we tried prawn with petai, another spicy dish that never disappoint. The petai was halved and cleaned (some place tends to leave the center bitter part intact), and prawns were fresh prepared just right, delicious.

For those who likes a bit of balance and enjoys eating tofu, I wish I could tell you what the dish in the picture was called, but for the life of me that escaped my mind. Ask the server to recite the tofu dishes they have and stop her at the most bizarre sounding one and you’d have the winner. It was very rich, smooth, and provides a great contrasting taste to the other dishes that were usually spicy, sour, or a combination of both. I enjoyed it a lot.

Prices at New Yew Sang is reasonable. We paid something between RM 15-20+ per person when we eat there. If you like your dishes rich and spicy, check out this place, or you can check out other Thai food posts here.

New Yee Sang kopitiam
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178

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  1. Now you make me hanker for TomYam! i can almost feel the burn 😛

  2. the cooks are burmese, kakakkakaa. i asked 😛

  3. Great find! Now I’m gonna get myself a large bowl of tomyam. 😉

  4. i love butter squid and butter prawns, and i’ve always wondered why they don’t apply the ‘butter’ recipe to more types of seafood. i’m thinking butter lala would be preeeeeetty tasty! 😀

  5. wah this sounds good and not too far away. Ok I shall try their tom yum.

  6. Nice! That looks pretty good.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t expect it to be Thai too! 🙂

  7. Devils Den

    Butter squid dish looks delish. Foods such as these made my Thai travel more stimulating. Looking at these pictures makes me miss Thailand and all the fascinating stuff I found in the busy streets of Bangkok.:)

  8. one of the only places with green curry pork 😮

  9. I just want to say… New Yew Sang’s fried rice is always the best,i love it! Btw, I also saw a restaurant called Limteh.Yumcha restaurant nearby there also serve the good quality food and drink! Like now they only sell 1 ringgit White coffee and Teh.u can choose in cold or hot.Somemore their coffee taste is just like Ipoh white coffee that I tasted before,nice try!~

    • Silver: Ah I haven’t tried their coffee at LimTeh, will go there again for breakfast sometimes, thanks!

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