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We have a friend in Winnie, who also goes by the nickname of hamsup (the origin of this is your extra credit homework, thank you very much).

UPDATE 2019: this branch is closed but you can find them at Uptown.

When hamsup was working near my office, we used to have lunch every once in a while, but since she moved on to greener pasture, that has dwindled a bit, so we spent a bit of time catching up a bit over dinner at Bone & Pot (有骨气) at Kelana Jaya  just the other day.

Bone and Pot at Kelana Jaya
Bone and Pot at Kelana Jaya – plenty of soup choices

Bone and Pot is located opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station, parking is usually not a headache inducing exercise. The restaurant is clean, modern, and equipped with working air conditioning system that makes having a steamboat dinner a rather enjoyable affair.

For those who prefer sniffing haze and enjoying the great outdoor with smoking allowed, there’s the alfresco area as well.

fried beancurd, chicken "soft bone", and squid with salt and pepper
fried beancurd, chicken “soft bone”, and squid with salt and pepper

While waiting for hamsup, we started with a few deep fried dishes to line our stomach.

The golden bean curd (RM 5.80) is a rather surprising dish, surprising in how soft and smooth the bean curd actually is, and with that golden slightly crunchy skin, makes a fabulous starter.

Salt and pepper chicken soft bone (RM 11.80) reminded me of the dish I had at Sumi Ka Yakitori at Subang, except this is in a deep fried form, equally as tasty. Salt and Pepper squid (RM 8.80) did not disappoint either, but I thought having 3 dishes that shares the same type of sauce (Thai chili sauce) was perhaps a bit too monotonous in retrospect.

Perhaps I should have used the other sauces available.

cheese ball, pork ball, sotong ball, shrimp ball, mushroom with pork ball
cheese ball, pork ball, sotong ball, shrimp ball, mushroom with pork ball

Like other steamboat places, there’s plenty of fish ball/pork ball choices available. We had cheese ball (RM 8.80 for 4), home made pork ball (RM 6.90 for 4), squid ball (RM 7.90 for 4), shrimp ball (RM 8.90 for 4) and mushroom with home made pork ball (RM 7.90 for 4) and fish dumpling (RM 4.80 for 6 pieces)

These “balls” mostly have pretty firm texture, with the cheese ball particularly interesting. I like them all, but couldn’t really taste anything other than the dumpling skin from the fish dumpling though. That’s one that I would probably skip.

beef slices, pork neck slices, lamb slices, pork intestine, and vege
beef slices, pork neck slices, lamb slices, pork intestine, and vege

Meat wise we had fresh lamb slices (RM 15.90), fresh beef slices (RM 16.90), and pork neck slices (RM 15.90). These are frozen meat that requires less than a couple minutes in the boiling soup. A word of advice – don’t leave them on the table too long lest you want the meat to go limp. They were fresh and we enjoyed em much.

Pork intestine (RM 8.90) came pre-cooked and thus you don’t need to worry about it messing up the taste of the steamboat soup, portion was definitely a little too much for this dish as only Horng and I ended up eating them. The girls did not share our palette for this particular internal organ. This goes very well with the sauce. 😀

Finally, no steamboat is complete without vegetable, we had water cress (RM 4.90) and rocket (RM 5.50), and together they gave us all the vitamin C we needed for the next day (I think).

Horng, Yuki, Kerol, KY, Haze, and Winnie, we chose tomato & potato broth
Horng, Yuki, Kerol, KY, Haze, and Winnie, we chose tomato & potato broth

As for the choice of soup, Bone & Pot offers some interesting choices. There’s their signature pork bone broth, pepper pork broth, preserved eggs with Chinese parsley broth, Tomyam broth, and the our choice of the night – tomato and potato broth. This is rather different from the usual clear soup and tomyam soup choices at other places.

Towards the end of our meal, the broth became very similar to HK style borscht soup, unique, filling, and complimented the mostly meat and processed seafood  ingredients that we had.

With drinks, we ended up spending a tad over RM 30 per person at Bone & Pot. I consider it a place worth visiting again, the soup is top notch, ingredients are fresh, service generally pretty good, and while you do pay a slight premium, it is in line with what is offered.

map to Bone & Pot steamboat at Kelana Jaya

Bone & Pot
No: 7, Jalan SS25/12,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.11400, 101.60061
Tel: 03-7880 5511
Hours: 5 pm to 1 am everyday 

Discuss : KY eats – Steamboat at Bone & Pot (有骨气)

  1. nice steamboat but take note do not order the pepper pork broth as it is far too spicy for most and may cause a sore throat for most who drink alot of the soup

  2. ooo, preserved egg broth would be my order! sounds like a really unique flavor 😀

  3. Nice review and pic you have, Bro! . Will try it once I break my fast.

    Btw, any chance for you to review some vegetarian shops around klang valley?

    Thanks bro and have a great day.

  4. The name of the shop is quite special ^^

  5. Cindy Tong

    erm i try another one in cheras…but not this…mayb wud drop by someday…

  6. Nice! Is this a new place? I used to go there quite often (still do, about once a month now) but I’ve not seen it.

    Is it at the row of shops where Fatty Crab is, right before the turning which would lead you into Dataran Prima?

    Cheers! 🙂

  7. i always pass by this place and the outlet looked so nice. Ok, must give it a try. Pork intestine?!! Yay…

  8. Nice healthy choice of soup. I miss steamboat/hot pot! And the cheese balls definitely look interesting but my fav pic is of the fried tofu!

  9. cazushiki

    hmmm.. next time can i choose which pic of mine to be posted? haahahahahahaha!

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    Have a good day!=)

  11. arcane0

    I think this shop has another branch somewhere..can’t remember where. Will give it a try.

    Have you ever try Chinese(china) style steamboat/bbq?? This shop grill meat is pretty good with their chilli powder. Auto grill somemore 😀

    Check it out!!

    • arcane0: oOo interesting, auto grill? what is that tho. :/

      • u put the skewers on the has a belt that will turn the u no need worry much getting the meat burnt.

  12. cazushiki

    hahahahhaahhaaaaaa.. too funny!

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