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Restaurant Mooi Mooi is one of those old school kopitiams you don’t see getting featured on blogs much (except on masak-masak, she is my hero). I was introduced to this place by an ex manager of mine a few weeks ago over lunch for a long overdue catch up session, this was the reason for poor quality photos since I was enjoying the company too much to take proper shots.

restaurant Mooi Mooi is quite well hidden
restaurant Mooi Mooi is quite well hidden

While they also serve charsiu (bbq pork) and roast chicken, the claim to fame for Mooi Mooi is their siu yoke (roast pork). We ordered all three to go with rice and some self served soup for the two of us.

The siu yoke was top notch, very crispy, crunchy skin with flavorful meat. It is very different from the melt in your mouth version made famous by Wong Kee at Pudu but is excellent in it’s own way, and some would argue this is how “original” siu yoke should taste like. I like it.

char siu was normal, but siu yok - yum yum!
char siu was normal, but siu yok – yum yum!

Chicken and charsiu turned out to be rather average, and I probably won’t order them the next time. The home made chili paste, rice, and soup though, matches up the roast pork well as far as quality is concerned.

The original operator is still the one chopping up those roast meat behind the counter all these years, and the semi worn down shop lot carries a certain rustic charm. If you want something original without the crazy crowd some siu yoke and charsiu places come with, this is a place to check out.

map to restaurant Mooi Mooi

Kedai Makanan Mooi Mooi
94 Jln Rukun 2, Taman Gembira 
58200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.08929, 101.6821
Tel03-7982 4902
Hours: 11 am to 3 pm, closes every other Monday 

Discuss : KY eats – Roast Pork at Mooi Mooi, off Kuchai Lama

  1. kittyin

    I’ve been to this place a few times. Being recommended by my friend on the ‘siu yok’ as well. The first time, the ‘siu yok’ didn’t make us disappointing. But the second time and after, sometimes ‘siu yok’ tasted okay; sometimes ‘char siu’ made us ‘wow’. (Roasted chicken is rather average as you mentioned.) So I would say the quality of the food varies every time I went. The place is always full of people during lunch time. So better be early or you will need to wait long for your food, or worse still, sold out. I think the price of the food is consider high, as the portion is rather small. Me and my friends need to order more everytime we went. Therefore, I’ve stopped visiting this place! =P

    P/S: Is the original operator chopping the chicken behind the counter? Most of the time I saw a younger man there. Perhaps the son is helping out while the old man drinking coffee aside?lol

    • kittyin: ah, interesting. It was the old man behind the counter when I was there, guess maybe it’s not that consistent these days?

  2. Michelle

    the meat does look average. 🙁

  3. Hi KY, where is the siew yuk pic,lol? It’s supposed to be the star attraction but no sign of it lol. 😛

  4. Not too fond of crowds, but fussy about food too! Think I’ll give this spot a miss. Thanks for the heads up.

    • The Yum List: hahaa there’s always that, but the roast pork is quite yummy

  5. mana siu yok? you mention but don’t show the pics…bad boy KY!

  6. How’s the sauce for the chicken? It’s one of my benchmarks for good chicken rice. I almost always go for steamed chicken though, not a fan of roasted ones.

    Good siu yoke is always worth a trip. I can eat chicken rice everyday no joke. 😀

  7. Post about siu yuk…with no pics of siu yuk :X

  8. Average fair . come here if u r real hungry

  9. This place is overated. Food is just meh. I tarpau chicken wing plus Siew Yoke and Char Siew. Open the box found like a bomb had exploded inside. Pieces of the three meats all over the place. It looks like the person doesn’t know how to cut chicken. The wing cut into half like you see at Malay chicken rice store. Summore cost me Rm10.

  10. I forgot one more thing. It came with one single piece of cucumber. It’s cut like you see at satay store not thinly slice like normal chicken rice shop. The more I type this the more angry I get.

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