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Pork intestine porridge is also a dish that isn’t nearly as common these days as it used to be. I suspect this has something to do with the idea that pig innards aren’t exactly the healthiest thing out there, and younger generations are usually less familiar with them.

While being from a relatively “young” generation, I on the other hand, absolutely love them. I always believe that you can and should eat everything in moderation, and a little bit of innards now and then never hurt, especially if you have a balance diet and exercise on regular basis (everyone knows about this anyway..)

Update 2019-07-02: This place is permanently closed.

an unexpected find at restaurant Say Huat
an unexpected find at restaurant Say Huat

Anyway, just the other day I found myself at Seksyen 17 having an hour to kill, so as a Penangite, the natural thing to do was to find a place to sit and eat, and that’s how I ended up at restaurant Say Huat, having Robert’s Char Kuih Teow in my mind.

My attention was drew to the porridge stall when I got there, and a glance on the menu confirmed that they serve pork intestine porridge – it was then I decided I gotta have this.

this porridge is full with "liu", and only RM 4.50
this porridge is full with “liu”, and only RM 4.50

For RM 4.50, this is perhaps the most beautiful bowl of porridge you can get. The surface is completely covered with crispy deep fried pork intestine,  yao char kuai, spring onion, and ginger. It was a work of art.

yau char kuai, pork, crispy intestine, liver
yau char kuai, pork, crispy intestine, liver

Inside there’s also chunks of pork (with soft bone), liver, and of course, the porridge that is topped with some soya sauce, pepper, and sesame oil. The texture of the congee was soft, smooth, and actually perhaps just slightly too thick.

Over all though, it was still a very decent bowl of good old pork intestine porridge, if you like it lighter, try the seapark version, but if you want it heavy, and not to mention excellent value for money, this one won’t disappoint.

map to restaurant say huat, PJ seksyen 17

Restaurant Say Huat
1083, Jalan 17/29

46400 Selangor
GPS: 3.128818, 101.635305

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  2. Em… But I think the taste not really good..

  3. ooo, gotta try this! it has all my favorite ingredients for porridge. heck, i’d pay RM10 for it! 😀

  4. Michelle

    How to not familiar? I literally grew up with it cos my dad use to have wicked eating habits!

  5. Suertes

    Have you been to the one at the basement of Tropicana Mall? My mom says it’s pretty good, and they do serve the works. I haven’t tasted myself since I am not a porridge person…

    • Suertes: oOo I didn’t know they have one there, will check it out next time 😀

  6. the photos look awesome.
    but i cant really eat because i am muslim. 🙂
    and id rather not. hihi.

    awesome blog, btw.

  7. That’s a lot of liver…and intestine!

  8. I had a really good pork innards porridge in Penang, it was at a stall inside a food court beside Sunway Hotel. I was staying there so it’s just a short walk over. 🙂

  9. This looks awesome. Very rich in “liao”….

    I might go later in the day then — is it only open for lunch?

  11. Is it open for dinner?

  12. tried this yest, it was nice bt too salty.;X

  13. I think it’s permanently closed di 🙁

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