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Thai Garden Village is about 2/3 correct, it is a Thai food place that has a pretty neat looking garden, but at the same time it isn’t exactly a village. Situated at the less glamourous part of KL that is Kepong, I was first introduced to this restaurant by Kim, who is as big a fan of Thai food as Haze and myself.

Thai Garden Village at Kepong
Thai Garden Village at Kepong

Getting to Thai Garden Village is actually pretty simple, drive along Jalan Kepong either from MRR2 or Jalan Kuching (if you’re from KL) until you see a smallish Shell station, turn into West Road right next to it, and viola, Thai Garden Village is right there, almost disguised as a light industrial factory.

Parking is a pretty simple affair as they do provide ample space, the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor (garden) dining area, and can probably accomodate more than 2-300 diners.

smoked salmon salad, fish cake, tomyam, raw prawn salad
smoked salmon salad, fish cake, tomyam, raw prawn salad

The menu at Thai Garden Village is pretty extensive even though it is a pork free outlet.

For starters, you should never miss the raw prawn salad. This is the only place that I know of serving this in KL, and it doesn’t get any more genuine than this. Over a dozen prawns “cooked” by the acid from lime and served with plenty of cabbage and equal amount of bitter gourd and raw garlic, not for the faint hearted, but it is as rewarding as it is interesting.

They also serve a version of raw papaya salad with smoked salmon, which makes for good “yee sang” substitute if you were to have it over CNY period. Delicious even at non festive season.

The fish cake is another richly flavored affair, and goes well with the familiar Thai chili sauce.

Thai style lala, clear soup tomyam, kai lan ikan masin
Thai style lala, clear soup tomyam, kai lan ikan masin

The tomyam here comes in two versions – clear soup, and the more familiar reddish version. The “normal” version is basically just the clear type with added chili oil. Both are top notch, but ordering them at the same time was an overkill we should have expected.

Another personal favorite of mine here is the Thai style steamed lala that is usually served on an elevated metal plate with fire still burning below. The seafood is succulent, and the spicy, sourish soup was really addictive.

My only experience with vegetables here was limited to kailan ikan masin, which fared pretty well.

KY, Haze, Pearl, David
KY, Haze, Pearl, David

One other interesting dishes here is the flaming chicken, which is literally served burning (fueled by some alcohol, I suspect). While plenty fancy, I found the taste average.

Dessert choices include the standard red ruby and mango with sticky rice. The former gives a proper sweet ending, while the sticky rice could prove to be a little bit overkill on an already stuffed stomach.

Prices at Thai Garden Village is fair, an average meal should cost between RM 20 – RM 30 per person.

Good eats!

map to Thai Garden Village, Kepong

Thai Garden Village
Lot 32713, 6 1/2 Mile (West Road),
Jalan Kepong,
52000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.2091, 101.6542
Tel: 03-6250 5519

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  1. kimberlycun


  2. I love Kepong – I am from Kepong but Kepong has changed so much:-( but then,i feel that kepong always has a lot of things to eat!

  3. must give it a try. i have not had raw prawn salad except at home when mother in law decides to make it.

  4. Michelle

    Eh, you really enjoy your thai food eh?

  5. wow, i’ve never seen papaya salad with smoked salmon before. this makes me think that maybe papaya salad could go well with lots of different seafood. papaya salad with raw oysters maybe 😀

  6. this is near my place, I love their Tom Yum & lala 🙂
    I know there is a THai restaurant nearby serve raw prawns too..

  7. I’m also a big thai fan! Yums…

  8. Suertes

    Okay… Getting hungry in the middle of the night reading this.

  9. kl_fatguy

    How about the price, as I know KL Thai food sometimes the price is toO HIGH..

  10. Hi all, just tried this place tonite. To me, the food is very normal. The lala n siakap wasn’t very fresh. The steamed lala soup is salty and lack any kick, not spicy or sour…very plain….

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