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I was first introduced to Restaurant Uncle Meng by a colleague of mine that simply said “the other day we went to this char siu place, it was good, lets go”, or something to that effect. So on one fine Friday over lunch (2 hours lunch wooho0), we drove all the way to Taman Shamelin for some good old BBQ pork.

restaurant uncle meng is actually a kopitiam
restaurant uncle meng is actually a kopitiam

We ordered char siu (BBQ pork) and roast chicken for the four of us, and like many other chicken rice places, soup is self served, you can take as many bowls as you like. They have roast pork here as well but it didn’t seemed to be their speciality and hence we decided to opt out on that. We also ordered some rice to go with the meat.

glorious char siu, as good as I've ever tasted
glorious char siu, as good as I’ve ever tasted

You get to choose the fattiness of the char siu, we had ours medium and it was glorious! The meat was super tender and you can cut through the fat just by gently slicing it with a blunt spoon. Accompanying the superb texture was the taste that did not disappoint, it was simple one of the best char siu I’ve ever had.

I found out that Meng Brother is actually the younger brother of Meng Kee char siu at Tengkat Tongshin (now at Jalan Alor), which is also the sibling of the equally superb Meng Kee at Shah Alam. The three brothers seemed to have Cheras, KL, and Shah Alam covered so far as awesome char siu goes.

Sheng here was enjoying his lunch to the fullest extend
Sheng here was enjoying his lunch to the fullest extend

As for the soup and roast chicken, they were of pretty decent quality too. If you crave for some good char siu that is priced decently and don’t mind making a drive to Taman Shamelin, check out Meng Brother’s!

map to Uncle Meng char siu at Taman Shamelin

Restaurant Uncle Meng
Jalan 6/91
Taman Shamelin, Cheras
Kuala Lumpur 56100
GPS: 3.123898, 101.738310

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  1. ho chiak! alot of hawker stalls around there until i dunno which to eat..

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  2. wah so awesome fatty char siu. I missed my fix after being in sg for a week!

  3. kimberlycun

    looks good! will boycott glenmarie meng kee for being arrogant & patronising with the customer’s orders. does this younger brother impose the “must buy chicken rule” too?

    • kimberlycun: this younger brother’s friendly! I didn’t think there was any must buy chicken rule at all.

  4. Michelle

    my dad used to ta pau for me char siu fan from here… hehe. those days. 🙂

  5. Char siu!!! OMG. Hubby would love this. In cheras somemore.

  6. Looks really good! There’s another good Char Siu place along Peel Road…tasted a piece the other day when a colleague tapao it for lunch, tasted good!

  7. argh, haven’t had good char siew in sooooooo long. my prayer is that someday, a char siew outlet in kl will offer delivery services to offices and homes 😀

  8. Ui, next time call me along la…beh tahan this Sheng punye pattern…

  9. so torturous to see the glistening char siu now!

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  11. Wow your review of this place is like 4-6months late!

    I was sitting there when i saw you came in snapping pics hehe.

    And i am in the background in one of those pics too.

    • PS: hehe yes the photos were in the queue for a long time, you are right! small world huh

  12. Uncle Meng’s char siew is the best and original in town. His son is our friend and he told us that the recipe used by the two brothers were both originate from him. Uncle Meng is very friendly and we always visiting him whenever we go back to Malaysia. We even transport his char siew out from Malaysia because we love it so much. Visiting Uncle Meng is always on our # 1 whenever we go back to Malaysia….Im hungry….

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