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Here’s my video submission for Samsung World Blogger audition:

If you want to have participate and stand a chance to win the trip to London during the Olympics, just go to Samsung Global Blogger site, and submit your own entry. Contest closes on 29th, do it now!

Discuss : my Samsung World Blogger video submission

  1. Thumbs up for this entry though it would be more convincing if it’s a bit longer yeah?

    • Jesse: thank you for the vote of confidence. 😀 the video’s supposed to be 30s so I kept it as such. haha.

  2. Michelle

    good luck!

  3. iamthewitch

    Good luck! Like your video that is very natural (especially when you did that action of rubbing your nose! hehe) and love the idea of compiling different languages of the world!

  4. very cute, but why must u keep wiping your nose on live video.. funny lah you!

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