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Asam laksa and curry mee are just two of Penang’s signature hawker dishes. You can find them almost anywhere on the island, and most of the time they would be of pretty decent qualities.

Here is another place you could try if you find yourself on the Pearl of Orient – at Mount Erskine hawker center.

my niece is an asam laksa addict, just like Haze
my niece is an asam laksa addict, just like Haze

The hawker center is situated at the end of Mt. Erskine road, the road most famous for having plenty of graves (hence super congested during cheng beng weekends). Here you will find a dozen or so hawker stalls offering everything from char kuih teow, kuih teow soup, mee goreng, curry mee, asam laksa, oyster porridge, mixed rice, and so on.

penang asam laksa from Mt. Erskine hawker center
Penang asam laksa from Mt. Erskine hawker center

The laksa here is manned by two white haired aunties who certainly knows to keep things the traditional way. The laksa is laden with plenty of vegetable, chili, fish broth, prawn paste, and of course, topped with ginger flower (bungan kantan). It tastes as good as any, and passed my niece’s taste test.

A bowl costs RM 3.50 (but that was over Chinese new year, normal price was RM 3.00 I think)

Penang curry mee, this one with yummy fish ball too
Penang curry mee, this one with yummy fish ball too

When I’m there, I almost always order the curry mee (previous blog post from 2006). Other than the usual ingredients of cockles, prawns, coagulated blood, and tofu, they also throw in a couple home made fish balls into it.

While fish balls is a nice touch that gives the curry mee an extra dimension, the real deal here is their soup and chili paste. Fresh coconut milk based soup (the reason it appears white) with that aroma and kick from the slightly charred chili. Super yum! RM 4 or so. Try it!

map of Mount Eskin, Penang
here’s how you get to mount eskin in Penang

Jalan Mt. Erskine,
Tg. Tokong, Penang
GPS:Β 5.450560, 100.302064
Operating Hours: 11am to 4pmΒ 

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  1. Asam laksa is the best! I love Penang’s asam laksa although I haven’t tried this particular one.

    That Penang curry mee looks quite different with it’s opaque and milky broth. πŸ™‚

  2. Michelle

    i love assam laksa. don’t make me miss it please.

  3. heheh, is there a way to kick the assam laksa addiction? go cold turkey for at least three months? πŸ˜€

  4. Nothing beats Mount Erskine.


  6. Piggygrace

    πŸ™ U just have to make me drool from afar! Nearest Malaysian restaurant is 2 hours away from me! I want ASSAM LAKSA too! LOL!

    • Piggygrace: I’m assuming it’s the Penang restaurant at Maryland? I’ve been there before. hehehee.

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