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Pizza Hut is one of those places that always has a special place in my heart. My very first experience with pizza, like many Malaysians, was from Pizza Hut, and all throughout the year, I’ve attended big gatherings there, had friends who worked there, and celebrated farewells and other occasions at Pizza Hut as well.

pizza hut triple chicken sensation
Pizza Hut at Pavilion KL

To me then, Pizza Hut is always associated with friends and sharing, a place that is comfortable, affordable, and by the way, has pretty darn good food – the type of pizza that I grew up with.

The other good thing about Pizza Hut is that they are constantly coming up with different pizzas and/or other offers as well, like the brand new Triple Chicken Sensation that a bunch of us were invited to try.

the glorious Triple Chicken Sensation pizza from Pizza Hut
the glorious Triple Chicken Sensation pizza from Pizza Hut

Fresh off the oven is the glorious Triple Chicken Sensation pizza –  a combination of succulent chicken salami, delightful chicken loaf, and fluffy chicken floss topped off with mayo sauce, caramelized onion, and toasted sesame.

The result? My best description would be that it is almost similar with those excellent chicken floss bread from Bread Story, but something like 3x better with the addition of chicken salami and chicken loaf, not to mention the other ingredients. If you even remotely enjoy those chicken floss bread (which I do), you would love this pizza.

pizza hut side dishes
the side dishes at Pizza Hut, check out the new Triple Sensation Platter

Of course, Pizza Hut is not just about pizza, there is a whole menu’s worth of other dishes to enjoy too, and together with the triple chicken sensation pizza is the Triple Sensation Platter. Other than that, we also tried Hut’s Platter (tempura prawn, calamari, criss cross fries) and my favorite smoked deli wings.

As for drinks, I always order the assam boi fizz, a drink where I’ve never seen available from anywhere else. 😀

pizza is to be shared with friends
Audrey, Abang Nara, citigal, Redmummy, Rachel, Cheesie, KY

It goes without saying that we, again, had a great time at Pizza Hut. Sumptuous, great company, good times!

For the pizza lovers, do check out this brand new Triple Chicken Sensation pizza. Head over to Pizza Hut facebook page for more information or just start planning your lunch at Pizza Hut now!

Also, the first 5 person that leave a comment stating their first pizza hut experience gets a voucher from Pizza Hut. So do share and you could get some free pizza!

Good eating!

Discuss : Pizza Hut Triple Chicken Sensation

  1. The first time I had pizza hut was in the PJ State outlet.. (There wasn’t that many pizza outlet back then.. 🙂 ) My younger brother and I nagged our parents for weeks before we finally get to go..the pizza was worth all the effort though… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. The first Pizza Hut experience I had was with my mom & brother back in Seremban when I was still in primary school. Seremban only had one Pizza Hut outlet back then in Seremban Parade. Now there are two more outlets – one in Jusco Seremban 2 and another in Terminal 1 Shopping Complex. Probably had Hawaiian Chicken – remember that being a family favorite back then! 🙂

  3. The most memorable was, I have ordered total four large pizzas delivery to home but only for five people. All upgraded to cheesy lava: two Hawaiian Supreme and two Hawaiian Chicken because we love cheese and juicy pineapple. Mum thought we were crazy ordered so much. However, we only managed to finish up two pizzas. The balance was kept in fridge for next day.

  4. ooo, pretty interesting combo. i totally wouldn’t have guessed chicken floss! i’d have thought chicken meat, chicken sausage & chicken ham as a threesome (though yeah, that’d be really unexciting) 😀

  5. O.. triple layer of chicken, triple times of enjoyments

  6. I still remember the very first time of Pizza Hut, it was the outlet at OUG Plaza or previously called Kimisawa! Used to remember that the pizza was slightly bigger though compare to the sizes now…

    • JD: kimisawa? that’s quite a different name. Size wise I’m quite sure they are the same, you’ve grown instead. hahaha.

  7. i’m d six 🙁

  8. My first Pizza Hut Experience was with my Form 5 classmates in SMK kuala Kubu Baru. This was a day after our last SPM paper, and we had our gathering at the Rawang outlet. We had so much fun together with our form teacher and his family, which is made even more enjoyable with Pizza Hut’s delicious pizza!

  9. My first pizza experience was rather full of excitement because we will need to travel for 2 hours for the nearest pizza. It was greeatttttttttttttttttttt, as great as the commercial on the tv during that time!

  10. first pizza hut experience when i was around 9, never really ate alot, just enjoyed stretching the melted cheese and eating that. Disliked the toppings, crust and everything else. Like a child i was really fascinated by food that came i rather “odd” forms like melted cheese. (well for a 9 year old anyways) 😉

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