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A couple weeks ago we were invited for a food review session at Armada hotel’s Shokudo Japanese restaurant. We were checking out their “Speedy Lunch” menu which promises lunch sets that are served within 15 minutes and priced only at RM 15++ per order.

This type of deal from a hotel restaurant? I was curious to say the least.

temaki, Haze & KY at Shokudo, Armada Hotel
temaki, Haze & KY at Shokudo, Armada Hotel

Shokudo at Armada turns out to be a pretty small Japanese restaurant. With maximum capacity of some 20 odd people, the restaurant on 1st floor has a very homey ambiance to it. A place that is well suited for a quiet dinner for two. (as such, if you are coming with a big group, do call ahead)

soft shell crab maki and chawanmushi
soft shell crab maki and chawanmushi

There are four dishes in the Speedy Lunch menu:

  • soft shell crab maki with chawan mushi
  • unagi rice set
  • chicken or beef katsudon
  • kakiage soba or udon

chicken/beef katsudon, unagi rice set, kakiage soba/udon
chicken/beef katsudon, unagi rice set, kakiage soba/udon

My favorite of the lot was the soft shell crab maki and chawan mushi set. RM 15 for the set is definitely a great value, and it tastes as good as anywhere, but if you have a big appetite, this might not fill your stomach all the way up.

Unagi set comes with about half an eel instead of the whole fish, understandable for this price point. Chicken and beef katsudon though, do come with very generous serving of meat.

For those who likes it light, the soba/udon dish would be a good option. The lightly battered tempura vegetable does go well with either udon or soba.

cod fish teriyaki, gyoza, california maki
cod fish teriyaki, gyoza, california maki

Other than the Speedy Lunch dishes, Shokudo does offer a pretty comprehensive menu. There are good choices for sashimi, sushi,  maki, temaki, teppanyaki, don buri (rish dishes), udon, and some side orders (like grilled salmon belly, shishamo etc).

The cod fish teriyaki and gyoza was fantastic, and california maki we tried did not disappoint too.

chicken kara-age, sashimi, tempura
chicken kara-age, sashimi, tempura

Oddly enough, the dish that I can’t get my hands off from was the chicken kara-age (chicken skin RM15). This an a pint of beer would be perfect. Sashimi and tempura too were of pretty good quality.

Overall, the experience at Armada’s Shoduko was a positive one. Although food did not blow us out of the water, they were consistent and did not disappoint at all considering the price point.

If your office is not far form the heart of PJ, the Speedy Lunch here would be something to check out.

map to Armada Hotel

Shokudo Japanese Restaurant
Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C,
Section 52, 46200 PJ, Selangor
GPS: 3.104199, 101.640964
Tel: 03-7954 6888

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  1. Is cheap man!

  2. wonder if the hotel could consider a deal for those of us who don’t mind a slow lunch and are willing to wait 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes … give us a 30 percent discount 😀

  3. RM15 is a great deal. We paid almost RM30 for unagi set the other day and the portion size looks abt the same.

  4. RM15 is super good deal. Must be popular for the folks working around that area. Chicken skin? They are sinfully good…

  5. Hey, that’s a great deal for RM 15. Most dishes cost more than that in Japanese restaurants. 🙂

  6. Michelle

    OMG that’s like less than 5 AUD!

  7. that’s very near my office. RM15++ is a reasonable price.

  8. Forward…..march!

  9. Warren Kuan

    Wow KY, looks like you’re having a great time there..!
    Nice photos taken, and u really make me very hungry now :p

    Looking forward for your post, you are Awesome!

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