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be like Lee Hom!

March 12, 2012 12 Comments

Lee Hom is one of the most talented musicians there is. Other than having a good voice, the guy plays guitar, violin, drums, harmonica, piano, guzhen, and many other instruments.

How is this possible is beyond me, I couldn’t even play the recorder to save my life. I guess sometimes life isn’t always fair, but I’m hoping his skills in minesweeper is no better than mine.

And for those of you who hasn’t been keeping up with the entertainment news, Lee Hom has just completed his second stint here in Malaysia with a very well received “Music Man II: Live in Malaysia 2012 Concert”.

Cindy with Lee Hom

It a huge success and attended by thousands of fans, and some lucky ones, like our very own Tey Cindy, even got a one on one photo with the music man.

Lucky her! For the rest of us, I guess we can go back to pretending to be like Lee Hom, singing his karaoke, and maybe.. ahem, posing like him.

The good news is, if you’re going to swagger-jack Lee Hom anyway, you might as well win some prizes right?

Be like Lee Hom and stand a chance to win these prizes:

  • 1 x Imported Lee Hom Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar
  • 5 x Autographed Open Fire Greatest Hits Album

Here’s how you can join:

  • Submit video(s) of you singing/impersonating/lip-syncing/dancing etc to any Lee Hom’s songs, or even doing a parody. The videos should be between 30s-10min and upload it to
  • Send voice recording by dialing *22009 and karaoke or sing along to a Lee Hom song
  • Snap a picture of your most awesome Lee Hom-like pose. Then, send it to 23131 to be in the running as well as receive FREE MMS content every week

Also, you can get exclusive Lee Hom downloads by getting on The Cube and dialing *888#. Then, select Hot Deals and choose Lee Hom or go to

Instead of making a fool of myself, here’s the video of Haze doing her best impersonation in a Lee Hom’s song. What do you think, we have a chance?

Discuss : be like Lee Hom!

  1. You should sooooo do a vid by yourself too.. haha!

  2. Michelle C

    i want a video from you pls

  3. ehh cheat wan ask haze, uncle pls sing, i get the cats to sit around you in a circle k.

  4. Haze in this video somehow reminds me of Elva!

  5. too sexy to be lee hom .. ! maybe u should sing and haze play the piano ?

  6. wah i like your photo posing like lee hom but your hair not tall enough!

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