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Mee Pok (面薄), the dish that appears to have a wrong spelling at first glance (mee pork anyone?), is one of the “newest” hawker dishes that I got to know. Growing up in Penang, I had never heard of it, and did not know the existence of this simple yet wonderful dish until Haze brought me to Tang Pin Kitchen at PJ SS2.

Tien Pin at SS2, this is the rear facing shop
Tang Pin Kitchen at SS2, the Hailam coffee/tea is beautiful

Tang Pin Kitchen is situated on the same row of shops that also houses Lobsterman, Teow Chew Meng, and Bibichik. I’ve drove past it several times heading to these other restaurants, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I started frequenting this place.

Parking is usually plenty easy to find, though it can be a little tough to get a table on busy weekend mornings.

mee pok, not for the faint hearted
mee pok, not for the faint hearted

My go-to dish is always the wholesomely delicious mee pok (RM 6). Why delicious? Simple, the abundance of lard and minced pork covering the yellow flat noodle. One does not simply deny lard. The sauce consists of a mixture of vinegar, oil, and chili. Mix em all up and you get a little bowl of excellence.

The dish is is also served with a side of clear soup and a few slices of fish paste. The fish paste is exactly the sort you’ll find from 60s Teow Chew fish ball restaurant, since they’re run by the same people.

gyoza, hailam tea, tao fu far, and fried yam cake
gyoza, hailam tea, tao fu far, and fried noodle

Other than mee pok, there are also choices like curry mee, soup noodle, fried chee cheong fun, fish ball, fish paste, porridge, and more.

We usually share another side dish to go with the mee pok. Gyoza (RM 6) and home made fish noodle (RM 7) are pretty tasty. Their Tien Pin toast bread is a must try too especially if you’re looking for just a light breakfast.

pork belly appetizer, century egg with shredded pork porridge
pork belly appetizer, century egg with shredded pork porridge

Directly behind Tang Pin Kitchen is  the related Restaurant Tien Pin. The menu choices is a little bigger, and you can actually order everything that’s available at Tang Pin Kitchen as well.

I’ve tried their pork belly appetizer thingy which was delightful, and the century egg with shredded pork porridge, which while very tasty, should also be about three times the serving size. Then again, I’ll have to pay another visit to check this place out more comprehensively, perhaps over dinner one of these days.

map to Tien Pin restaurant, PJ SS 2

Tang Pin Kitchen
No. 24, Jalan SS 2/24,
47300 PJ Selangor
GPS3.11326, 101.62090
Tel: 03-7877 2376

Branch: 97 Ground Floor, Jalan, SS19/6 47500 Subang Jaya

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  1. Holy Cow!!! The Chee Yau Char is huge on the Mee Pok. I am sure it was tasty.

  2. mee pok’s pretty popular in singapore, rite. i have a singaporean buddy who always says he gorges on mee pok whenever he’s back home because he can’t find any decent ones in KL. guess i should take him to this SS2 outlet sometime! 😀

  3. wah, why so much pork lard given!

  4. Michelle chin

    I don’t like lard. 🙁

  5. Damn this mee pok thing looks awesome!

    We have something like this in Kuching but it doesn’t contain pork lard, just the minced pork.

    Mee pok usually refers to the noodles e.g. it’s supposed to mean “flat noodles” (over here).

    This looks much better.

  6. I actually hate a supposedly famous Mee Pok in Singapore when introduced to it for the first time many years back. Vinegar in noodles just doesn’t go for most Malaysian tastebuds. Not sure about this one, though, but if the sauce is vinegary, forget it.

  7. The pork belly looks really good and the dipping sauce looks interesting ;D

  8. yeah, even the fish noodles here how, submerged in pork lard. Of course delicious la! Say hi to Michael Tang or not? 😉 hehe

  9. ooh.. looks yum! definitely must try when i m back again!!

  10. wah so much lard?!! just the way I like it.

  11. Another name for this dish is Bak Chor Mee, literally minced meat noodles, a teochew dish. Mee Pok refers to the flat noodles (Can also be used for Kolok Mee or Kampua) 😀 They also put pork liver in the ones in Singapore. Which is awesome. Love the vinegary taste too.

    • Kelly Siew: oh ya, adding some liver definitely sounds like a good idea. yum yum, and thanks for the explanation. 😀

  12. Sinful food! But something gotta give!

  13. Gyoza, fuzok cheong fun and curry mee are quite tasty. Feel hungry now… 🙂

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