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Here’s a short video compiled from the video clips I took during the dive trip to Similan Islands. Looks like I’ll need a video light or shoot almost exclusively on shallow water under bright lit condition to make this better.

Most clips were shot with Olympus E-PL3 (except those not underwater, shot with Sony Xperia Arc), using Inon wide angle converter with dome port, no red filter (which I had and probably should have made good use of.. gah!)

Hope you enjoy!

Discuss : Underwater Video from Similan Islands Diving Trip

  1. Michelle chin

    This is wayyy too awesome!

  2. pretty! and this is yet another reason why i need to be able to swim! the vid is good. standard settings or do you require additional equipment etc?

  3. i stumbled upon your blog mostly for food review but wow.. some diving there! must start diving in south east asia someday!!.. thanks for sharing, great video.. man, some underwater life!

  4. Elizabeth | Rotorua accommodation

    Glad to meet an Olympus lover, it was the first semi expensive camera I have ever owned.

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