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By the time you read this, I’ll be on MV Vilai Samut and diving somewhere near the Similan Islands, and hopefully underwater enjoying a bit of compressed air. (last year’s trip here)

The difference is this time, the good people at Olympus has loaned me the following gears to pair with my E-PL3:

Olympus PT-EP05L underwater casing with UFL-2 flash
Olympus PT-EP05L underwater casing with UFL-2 flash

That’ll be the original PT-EP05L underwater casing for the E-PL3 and the UFL-2 underwater flash, coupled with a sync cord and a short arm. Together this makes a very compact underwater photography system with picture quality that should rival the much bulkier underwater SLR systems, not to mention at a price that is quite a lot cheaper. (the casing is retailed at around RM 2k, while you can hardly find any SLR UW housings cheaper than RM 5k).

In fact, this is so compact you can essentially operate with just one hand, great for when there’s a current, or that your buoyancy skill is a bit suspect. 😀

all buttons are  clearly labeled and quite easily accessed
all buttons are  clearly labeled and quite easily accessed

When considering moving from compact camera system (I also use a Canon S90 with Ikelite underwater casing and a Sea & Sea YS-01 flash) to SLR or 4/3 format, the underwater accessories was always a consideration for me. After a bit of research, I came to like the Oly even more.

They are one of the very few companies that offers complete underwater photography solutions. Check out their underwater accessories page.

Arm, bracket, flash systems, housings, conversion lenses, and even weights. All theses saves a lot of hassles trying to mix and match products from different manufacturers and hoping that it all gels together.

Olympus UW casing with Inon UWL 100 & dome port, ikelite S90 casing
Olympus UW casing with Inon UWL 100 & dome port
the bare Oly casing isn’t really much bigger than S90’s 

That being said, the PT-EP05L casing does play well with third party accessories too. I’ll be fitting it with my Ikelite bracket from my S90, and even the Inon UWL 100 & Dome port fits right on the the casing and should give me a very good wide angle coverage. (I put the Sea & Sea flash just as a demo and most likely won’t be using it on actual dives).

Lets hope there are already some decent underwater photos in my memory card by the time you see this. Will post the results soon!

P/S: the dive trip is from 3-8 February and we’ll be on radio silence. I’m gonna miss the Superbowl. Hope you had a great Chap Goh Meh too!

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  1. wah seh.. what an equipment.. totally impressed!

  2. Michelle chin

    I highly recommend you watch the madonna superbowl thing. She shuffles in a rather strange way. heheheh

  3. wow…impressive 🙂

  4. wah the gears so canggih one ah!

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