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Everyone has their favorite comfort food, the go-to dish that you would want to have after a long trip, or when you are feeling less than 100%. For me, it has to be porridge, and among the different variations of this dish, nothing beats a good bowl of pork intestine porridge.

My go-to pork intestine porridge is the stall at New Lane, and in KL, the Jalan Sayur stall at night (tho it is a slightly different version)

pork intestine porridge at Seapark, PJ
a proper bowl of pork intestine porridge

Fortune favors those with a sense of adventure, and just a couple days ago while looking for something to fill my stomach between brunch and late dinner, I found myself at Kedai Kopi Khoong at Seapark. I sat my ass down and lo & behold: A pork intestine porridge stall! (well they also sell century egg porridge, raw fish porridge etc)

located at seapark, operates from noon till 5-6pm
located at seapark, operates from noon till 5-6pm

For RM 4.50, I got myself a slice of heaven for some 15 minutes, the intestine was crispy, the porridge flavorful, and those yummy bits you see in the photos above that aren’t intestines? Those are pork tongue, if you haven’t tried pork tongue, you need to!

The operators are an old couple, and very kind one at that. I actually dropped my wallet after gobbling up the porridge, but they kept it and return to me after I figured out my pockets was empty upon heading to the car.

So yea, go have some porridge, and by the way, the Kampar fish ball noodle there isn’t shabby either.

map to Seapark Kedai Kopi Khong

Kedai Kopi Khong
Junction of Jalan 21/19 and 21/22,
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.109749, 101.621357

Discuss : KY eats – Pork Intestine Porridge at Seapark

  1. I’m not a huge fan of porridge but I also had really good pork intestine porridge at New Lane. Now that was pretty awesome stuff, saw the hanging intestines and went to check it out. 😀

    The stuff there is pork tongue instead of pork liver? Looks promising!

    • Huai Bin: I’m 100% sure it is not pork liver, and about 9/10 certain it is tongue, try it! 😀

  2. Chee chap chuk! Yum yum. Will give this a try one day. Thanks for the tip KY.

  3. which of these three do you like best: pork tongue, beef tongue or duck tongue? (personally, i think beef does it for me) 😀

    • Sean: I go for pork! Personally I actually don’t find duck tongue that great, that boney bit is a bit annoying to me.

  4. Pork tongue? >.< As it is…I find it hard to eat beef tongue leh.

  5. Michelle chin

    I think i’ve tried every part of the pig except for the reproductive bits and the lungs.

  6. OMG Sedap gila!!! I miss real food. Thanks for the photos. Even if my mouth cannot eat, at least my eyes can…

    And, how you maintain ur figure ah? Jealous! Hahahaha.

  7. wah this is too yummy! I love the fried intestines too. why you no call me?

  8. tmn paramount!! My fave place for porridge! hehe.. they have tong sui there too; selling at 3pm onwards and the tong sui are quite good 🙂

  9. Fark man this stall damn bloody dirty. I saw the old man washing the pots and later pour back the water into the porridge and stir. Niamah!

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