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I only have precious little memory of my late maternal grand parents. I remember tagging along with my late grandma to the wet market on most mornings. and after shopping, she would tapao a packet of my grandfather’s favorite oh chien (fried oyster).

Together with the day’s newspaper and coffee, that would often be a meal for the old man. He would then read the paper and update grandma on news, as she was illiterate.

the most glorious fried oyster (oh chien)
the most glorious fried oyster (oh chien)

While my grandparents have passed on some two decades ago, their favorite oh chien place at Kedai Kopi Seng Thor on Lebuh Carnarvon is still going strong.

It must be years since I last had the fried oyster here, so over the CNY break back in Penang, I took the opportunity to do just that.

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor at Lebuh Carnarvon
Kedai Kopi Seng Thor at Lebuh Carnarvon

By my observation (and most likely flawed), the dish is prepared in three steps – first starch & whatever concoction is placed on the frying pants; then eggs are added; finally, enough oysters for one serving is added and fried separately before being mixed together with the eggs, some cooking wine and fancy wok fire is involved too.

This way, the hawker can prepare 4-5 portions with one egg preparation stage, and at the same time ensuring the consistency as well as the number of oysters for each portion.

Three rounds of this was done before my dish was served thanks to the holiday crowd, but it was worth it.

the chili sauce is mixed with a bit of garlic too
the chili sauce is mixed with a bit of garlic too

The fried oyster was undoubtedly the best I’ve had, the omelette itself was so good even the oysters kinda became a bit of a second thought. The texture had a nice blend of crispiness with the familiar consistency of egg, and none of those sticky gooey half cookedย starchย that you sometimes find in less superior oh chien.

The taste too was spot on, and if you like it with a bit of kick, the chili sauce that came with is pure heaven.

The portion I had was RM 10, and I should have ordered more.

map to the best fried oyster in Penang

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor
160, Lebuh Carnarvon,
10100 Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5.415495, 100.33468

Olympus E-PL3

Discuss : KY eats – the best Fried Oyster at Lebuh Carnarvon, Penang

  1. i have to agree this is one of the better places to have orchien in penang. its been quite a family favourite especially when our house used to be in logan road.

  2. Michelle chin

    This is the shiznit! <3 oh chien!

  3. this looks almost like the oh chien i remember (and loved) from my childhood in malacca too. though unlike this lebuh carnarvon place, i think the stall my family once bought it from, facing the sea, have been demolished for development already…

  4. ever thought of moving back there???


  6. Looks so delicious. Some really great photos there. Good work!

  7. Michelle Ho

    This looks good!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. mmmm fried oyster!! gives u energy to u-no-wat! ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. wah so old school – coffeeshop & hotel!!!

  10. May I know what is the business hour for fried oyster?

    • CJ: I went there after lunch, so I’m assuming noon to maybe 3-4pm (again, just my assumption)

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  12. […] There is no “best dish” per se, but there are many that leaves a strong impression the first time you have it. I may have to choose the egg omlette at carnarvon street. […]

  13. Eric Lim

    its has the best chili suace…as for the oyster omelette..a word of advice for those who dislike too much oil in their food…then watch how he cook before you order…its swimming in oil…no joke…on the other hand the oyster is really super fresh and big…I guess its an acquire taste…no offence…happy eating..

  14. Carnarvon oh chien method of making crispy batter for itsh chien end up frying it in a puddle of oil. Then oil excess is scoop up and the some how the thick fried batter is broken up before frying with garlic, sauce and add chilli and oyster. The batter is soaked in oil and taste is truly the worst of all oh chien I ever tasted. Too bad the oh chien stall at beach road had shifted out when I am in Penang last week for 4 days.

    Standard of food in penang had gone down the drain over a short few years. We went to the nyonya kueh shop next to the camera museum. My wife of baba decendent from melaka would’nt even give 70% mark on any of their kueh!. Only Him Hiang tau sau peah get’s her thumps up.

    • Lawson: I believe that some of this has to do with our general increase of “taste” as well as looking through nostalgic lenses. Sure there are those whose standard has dropped, but there are plenty that are still going strong in Penang. For nyonya kuih tho, I believe melaka does have better versions.

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