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One of the definite Penang hawker dishes is Hokkien Char (福建炒), or Fried Hokkien Mee. However,this dish is quite different from what is served in Klang Valley even though they are identified as the same name.

I’ve been searching for this exact dish in KL/PJ area for a long time with no avail, so I just had to have it over this CNY season in Penang. This one is from Sin Yin Nam kopitiam at New Lane.

Penang Hokkien Char at New Lane
Penang Hokkien Char at New Lane

Hokkien Char usually consists of yellow noodle and mee hun in dark sauce, with slice pork, prawns, and vegetable, with sambal belacan on the side.

The main difference between this and the KL version is the lighter sauce base, the sambal belacan, and the usage of yellow noodle instead of those fat noodle in Hokkien Mee. As a consequence, the taste too is lighter and more subtle, but that being said, it is not at all a less superior version. In fact, I prefer this over the KL version anytime (most likely due to my upbringing laaa)

now where can I find something like this in KL?
now where can I find something like this in KL?

I was utterly satisfied with this plate of Hokkien Char, one of the best RM 5 ever spent. The same place also offered one of the best pork intestine porridge (猪什粥), do not miss it if you are there. If I didn’t have the cravings for Hokkien Char, the pork intestine porridge would always be my favorite.

Penang style chee cheong fun: with three sauces
Penang style chee cheong fun: with three sauces

Of course, one does not simply only eat one dish in Penang for dinner. I had a plate of chee cheong fun (RM 2.40) to go with too. Two pieces, unopened, and with chili, just the way I like it.

Chee cheong fun Penang style is always bare, and served with shrimp paste, sweet sauce, chili paste, and sesame seeds, and sometimes with a bit of fried shallots. I like it quite a bit more than the HK version with prawns or char siu. If you need to find one of these in PJ, look no further than O&S in Paramount Garden.

Haze ordered the Asam Laksa at the corner of the road, it wasn’t any good and they over charged us to the tune of RM 4.50 (Chinese New Year price?). Never gonna buy from them ever.

map to New Lane in Penang

Lorong Baru, Penang
GPS: 5.414726, 100.326312

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  1. hey, RM4.50 for assam laksa still sounds OK wat … ermm, how much should it be ar (seriously)? 😀

  2. ooh Penang Chee cheong fun sound interesting…

  3. Love the drawing of Komtar! I used to go there for drawing competitions when I was little, growing up in Penang:)

  4. I love traveling around the world to try different food especially Malaysian food.

  5. pork intestine porridge !!!

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  7. New lane is one of my must go to places when I return to Penang. No matter how tight teh schedule, we must always make it here for dinner or supper. You must try the babi satay there. its beside Maxim.

  8. wah you know all the places to eat in penang! Penang boy!

  9. ahh hokkien char, penang style, the least known and loved of all penang food.. i trawled blogs all over the net, columnist well known and unknown on the best hokkien char around and no one replies… if you have furthers stalls to recommend please do.. 🙂

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