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Several weeks ago (in fact it was last year), along with a bunch of well known ethanol lovers, I was invited to the launch of Little Creatures at The Hill in Damansara Height.

If you are like me who had no clue what exactly is Little Creatures, well, it is an Australian beer from a micro brewery in Frementle, Western Australia.

Haze and Paintlust's work displayed at The Hill
Haze standing by one of their art works (paintlust) displayed at The Hill

Haze and Vinn painted a canvas at The Hill sometimes last year for Kronenbourg French festival, and was delighted to see that the painting is still prominently displayed at the upper level at the restaurant.

Do check out more of their work at, they offer wall painting and other art works by commission.

beer, plenty of beer!
ermmmmm… beerrrrr… burpp

Now back to Little Creatures. Since it is from a micro brewery, and micro being synonymous to small, the distribution of this beer is rather limited. Currently you can find it only at The Hill & Brussels restaurants (both in Solaris & Jaya One).

We tasted both the pale ale and bright ale, with the former slightly more flavorful while the bright ale a tad easier to drink and .. well, lighter. I like the pale ale.

Michael, FA, Haze, Suan, and myself
Michael, FA, Haze, Suan, and myself

We were also treated with a line of buffet spread at The Hill. I don’t remember how many chicken wings I had that night, they were addictive. Other food such as the pasta and such were pretty decent too.

Haze, Suan, Michael, Ahfa, Deep, and quite a few other familiar faces were at the same media launch as well, we had a good time with the fine folks at Luen Heng.

food at The Hills was pretty good too, but the parking situation...
food at The Hill was pretty good too, but the parking situation…

As for The Hill, well, it is quite a charming place, but I still wouldn’t go there unless the parking situation is improved. Unless you’re willing to walk pretty far (which often I do), the only option is to use their valet services, which is both expensive and very very slow. Waiting for extra 15 minutes to get your car back isn’t very fun when you want to go home.

I’m going be having aย continuousย 19 day off from work starting today for CNY and a bit of diving, the longest so far since I started working in Malaysia more than 8 years ago. It’s gonna be glorious!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Olympus E-PL3

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  1. enjoy your long break! gaaaaah, i’m working (well, technically on duty) throughout chinese new year. bah.

  2. Enjoy your time off mate! I didn’t know that Little Creatures were opening a bar in Malaysia. I live only about a 15 minute drive from the Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle so i have been there many times. I have to agree that i enjoy the Pale ale more than the Bright ale.

    • Simon: well they didn’t open a bar here but it is starting to be available here. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Michelle chin

    ooh i remember this from somewhere

  4. Enjoy your long breaks.. Happy CNY..

  5. Yup, had this before, it’s quite a good beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Xin Nian Kuai Le from my family to yours… May the year of the dragon bring you much happiness, prosperity and good health!

  7. i also won’t go there again unless things like parking and service has been improved.

  8. KY DRINKS??!!????? :-p

  9. oohhh my first Little Creatures experience was in Melbourne. Real good beer and yeay they’re available in malaysia now !

    Have a great CNY hols !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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