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I’ll be the first to admit, this blog isn’t exactly synonymous to healthy living. Most of the food entries in this blog are chosen only based on one criteria – they are tasty. The health aspect usually takes a back seat, or at least not featured prominently.

The good thing is though, you can actually eat healthy relatively easily – and this applies to both eating out as well as having home cooked meals.

There is one very simple rule of thumb – less oil and less fat.

I’m not saying one should avoid eating those sinful oily stuff completely, but toning it down is a good idea despite your age, and especially if you aren’t living a particularly active lifestyle to begin with.

seafood noodle soup and dry version, fried fish cake
fish noodle soup at B & Best, SS 4

There are always choices when it you are eating out, and avoiding having fried items like char kuih teow or mee goreng too often is a good thing. One of my favorites is in fact, fish noodle soup places such as B & Best at SS 4, other healthier choices include lui cha (vegetarian), kampar noodle, and beef noodle. All of which involves very little usage of oil, and aren’t deep fried.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
BBQ crab, lamb, and other seafood at Hing Ket, Klang

In essence, try to choose food that are prepared with as little oil/fat as possible – steam, boil, and even bbq version are usually a lot less oily. Hing Ket grilled seafood at Klang immediately comes in mind, and there are even restaurants that prepares everything by steaming, such as Restaurant K.T.L at  Cheras.

steamed tilapia and steamed egg are the must order items
everything is steamed at restaurant K.T.L.

When ordering stuff that involves frying, there’s always the option to ask for less oil. More often than not, the chef/hawker operator will comply. (same goes with when ordering drinks – kurang manis!)

Other than avoiding oil, having more fruits and vegetable too is another way to get a balance dose of nutrients for your body. Replacing snacks with fruits is perhaps one of the best choice anyone can make. I’m lucky that my company actually provides free fruits on Fridays, but ideally one should have at least a portion every day.

Home cooked food:

For those who cooks at home, it is even easier to have a healthy diet since everything is within your own control. Recipes can always be modified to use less oil by incorporating or replacing it with other methods of cooking that uses less oil. For those with the budget, there are now “air fryer” that uses very little oil for deep frying (80% less). Do check out Philips Airfryer and Tefal Actifry.

For those of us without those fancy fryer, here’s a recipe for yummy watercress soup that is simple to prepare, awesome to taste, cheap, and wholesomely healthy. I used to make this soup when I was in the States and misses mom’s meal.

watercress soup recipe
do wash and and only use the tender part of watercress

Ingredients (to make 2 bowls of soup):

  • watercress (I got this at supermarket for RM 2)
  • 4-5 pieces of pork bones (chicken wings or chicken bones for halal version) for soup taste
  • half a dozen dried red dates
  • 3-5 pieces of dried scallops (optional)
  • 3 bowls of water
  • salt to taste

boil meat/chicken, then add watercress, done!
boil meat/chicken, then add watercress, done!


  • boil the meat/bones in a separate pot for 2-3 minutes to get rid of impurities
  • in the main pot, bring water to boil and add red dates, meat, and dried scallops
  • add watercress
  • keep boiling on low temperature for half an hour
  • add salt to taste

the finished dish - watercress soup, healthy and tasty
the finished dish – watercress soup, healthy and tasty

There you go, a healthy bowl of soup that goes perfectly with steamed rice, ready in 30 minutes, and as homey as you can get. You can perhaps pair this with some steamed fish.

Eat healthy, stay fit, and live longer, happier.

P/S: Do tune into 1 Sihat Malaysia to get more health tips on eating habits and healthy living. The program is hosted by Fahrin Ahmad and features stories from the local celebrities. Head to for more, this post is brought to you by Ministry of Health.

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  1. less oil, less fat less taste!! hahaha.. Kidding! But i totally agree with you. Sometimes go all out and have a great old greasy meal. But sometimes need to cut back and eat healthy.. then only we live long and prosper .. hor! 🙂

    Happy holidays!!!

  2. You forgot less salt and less sugar, which will make it less tasty 😈

    • Kikco: hahaa true, I cut in other areas like nowadays drink kopi kosong instead of putting sugar. 😀

  3. you’ve inspired me to make sure i order at least one vegetable dish for dinner tonite! really! 😀

  4. hey its LESS SUgAR , fats are essential to the survival of us human being !!!

  5. Michelle chin

    Generally, I eat really healthy. Even healthier than my mom, which freaks my mom out a little.

    I think my recipes are kinda showing off this quality a little. 😀

  6. foodcrazee

    dont really believe in eating healthy as long we exercise like u do. . .oh and ur sexercise as well. . .lolz

  7. Yummy! I love watercress soup but I don’t like the part cleaning them lols

  8. wah i love the watercress soup. But must add the cuttlefish then only naisss.

  9. Joy to you, love to you, everything good to you this season. Have a blessed Christmas to both of you!

  10. Watercress soup.Yummy and perfect for this current weather.

    The Phillips Air Fryer? Makes awesome healthy fries.

  11. There is a stall in buntong selling coffee and tea made with pure cow milk. Very tasty. Try it !!!

  12. Hi, KY! Thank you very much for the recipe as well as for a great tip for a healthier frying! I cooked your soup yesterday and can’t wait to cook it again! So simple and tasty! I reckon unhealthy diet is just a force of habit and it’s easy to become accustomed to new ways. The only thing that you have to do is to give up the old ways. Two months ago I stopped eating sweets and I’ve dropped 12lb since. I’m a go-greener and eat meat only once or twice a week. When I do, I’m shopping at my local market with bio meat to support our economy and, of course, fair treatment of animals.

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