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For those of you who always asks why I’m not massively overweight while maintaining a seemingly sinful life that revolves around food, well, here is one of the reasons – exercise.

I play badminton every Monday (and sometimes Sunday too), futsal every Thursday & Saturday (and sometimes Tuesday too), and occasionally ride my mountain bike if I haven’t had either of the other two forms of exercise for more than 2-3 days in a row.

While sports is all fun and great, the activities do put a bit of a toll on the body, a bit of aching, sprains, and bruises every now and then aren’t uncommon.

my regular badminton session at Seksyen 13, PJ

A little while ago I wrote about the Tiger Balm cool plaster that I used on my sprained ankle. Well, now that the ankle is 100% back to normal, I’m back on the court again… and made the mistake of not really easing myself into the games after an absence of 3 weeks. Hitting a bit too hard, and the lack of proper warm up left me with a bit of a tight right shoulder.

Which gave me an opportunity to try out the Tiger Balm warm plaster.

Tiger Balm plaster directions
Tiger Balm plaster directions

Just like the cool plaster, application of the warm plaster is pretty simple:

  • remove adhesive back
  • place hydrogel on top
  • remove hydrogel plastic
  • remove additional adhesive
  • apply on muscle/joint

Tiger Balm warm plaster on back shoulder
Tiger Balm warm plaster on back shoulder

Just like the cool plaster, the warm plaster is stretchable and does not impede movement. The adhesive is  secure enough that you can actually sleep in it or use it under a shirt and still it won’t come off accidentally.

The warm plaster gives a soothing warm sensation and does provide pretty good pain relief. I did feel the shoulder loosen up a little better after a while. It felt good.

Tiger Balm plasters give good pain relief and is perfect for many occasions, but if you have chronic aching that bothers you and never seem to get any better, I would think that doctor’s consultation is needed.

Each pack of Tiger Balm Plaster contains 2 units, large pack goes for RM 6.80 while the smaller one is priced at RM 5.20. You can find them at all key chain pharmacies such as Guardian or Watson and nearby pharmacies.

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  1. I love Tiger Balm! Soft squishy and I put it on the whole night, wake up next day so happy yay!

  2. Can we get that in india

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