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My quest for the yummiest Penang Curry Mee continues, and this time it brought me to OUG at Sun Sea Kopitiam. To be honest, I found out about the curry mee here pretty much accidentally as we were wondering about at the area when Haze pointed out: “look here’s a Penang curry mee stall”

Sun Sea kopitiam is becoming one of my favorite places for breakfast
Sun Sea kopitiam is becoming one of my favorite places for breakfast

It took us the third try to catch it in time (Sunday by around noon), and it was worth it!

The curry mee at Sun Sea kopitiam is one of the few original Penang curry mee you can find (others are restaurant Okay, PJ SS2 & restaurant Good Food, PJ old town) that comes with coagulated pork blood. My aim is to find more of the same breed in Klang Valley and see how they measure up against some of the bests in Penang.

coagulated pork blood, prawns, cockles, cuttle fish, tofupok, yes!
coagulated pork blood, prawns, cockles, cuttle fish, tofupok, yes!

The curry mee came with tofu pok, a couple peeled prawns, almost-raw cockles (yums), cuttle fish, coagulated pork blood, and that all important chili paste with slightly charred taste. Everything, together with your choice of yellow noodle or meehun or the combination of both, was served in a santan based broth.

It was awesome, this version of curry mee at OUG is almost on par with my favorite one at restaurant Okay, and probably slightly edges the PJ Old Town’s shop. I love it.

the first time Haze likes curry mee instead of tolerating it
the first time Haze likes curry mee instead of tolerating it

It was in fact, good enough that Haze actually liked it (she usually merely tolerates curry mee). RM 4.50 per bowl, if you’re seeking for a bowl of good old fashion Penang curry mee, you can’t go wrong here.

map to Sun Sea kopitiam at OUG

Restaurant Sun Sea 
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.073945, 101.673234
daily till around noon+

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  1. You’re embarrassing me by digging up gems in my backyard. But thank you for pointing this out.

    It’s a problem, finding authentic Penang food here. Especially for Penangites who’ve been here for so long even they can’t tell the difference anymore.

  2. Wow.. Curry mee.. I like!

  3. Another nice eating place at the place where I grew up! Nice!

  4. I think that stall is operated by one of the sons of Penang Kuantan road curry mee seller. On some days, you will see him instead of the lady ( the wife? ). Looks like his father.

  5. like penang punya ka? this ought to be good XD

  6. All prawn mee should be like this!! Chock filled with ingredients

  7. wah, this is actually like a 10-minute drive max from my home only (i live in sri petaling). no excuse for a cockle-lover like me not to head here already (even though it closes early!) 😀

  8. Haven’t try the curry mee. I’d usually go for pork noodles, pan mee and chicken rice. The char kuey teow is quite decent too.

  9. This post set me off on a curry mee hunt in the morning!

  10. Tua Pui Curry Mee, located just by the road side of Pengkalan Weld in Penang, serve good curry mee. Their curry mee is special as you can “kah liu”, add in extra stuff as you want, of course by paying more.

    • Sugel: kah liu is always best, in penang that’ll be “keh liao”! hahah.

      my late grandma stayed at pangkalan weld 😀

  11. Around wat time shuld i reach there to get to taste the curry mee?

    Went there around 1.30PM last Sunday, the curry mee stall oredi emptied XD

    end up with Pork Mee, and it taste good too with the cabbage in the soup :thumbs up:

    plus the kopi ice there is real kao XD

    will go again for the curry mee ^^

  12. […] of all, the same kopitiam also serves one of the best Penang Curry Mee with coagulated blood, and a very decent pork noodle […]

  13. This is authentic Penang Curry Mee. Eldest son or 2nd soon of the Kuantan Road Curry Mee seller.

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