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My Nuffnang Story in Rage Comic

Discuss : My Nuffnang Story (in Rage comic)

  1. Serge Norguard

    i like the part about the competitor.


  2. Michelle chin


  3. Best one I’ve read so far!


    will you really be going with that impressive ‘stache unkle?

  5. AWESOMEEE!!! I love Derpina!!!

  6. Awesome having you on the journey KY. Its been a privilege.

  7. Wah, impressive. Next napbas u will be going with your wife, and the next one u will be going with your kids. Hehehehe

  8. TehTarikDrinker

    hahahhah friggin hilarious! im sure haze is going to love this one!

  9. Hahaha I like your love story! 😛

  10. Nice… I like the presentation of your love story. Is touching and loving…


    Me gusta!


  13. wow, I don’t know what to say, this is really cool!

  14. Ze ownz!!


  16. Waiting to cast a vote to you!

  17. GREAT STORY!! LOVE THIS!! And seems like it’s just the start of your happy ending. Oh how times have changed. Thanks for being one of the pioneers to get the community going!

  18. This post… ME GUSTA!!!


  20. Derpina always looked so coy hahahhahahaa ME GUSTA. Back in those days i only seek recommendation and reviews of eateries fr this blog. Now i still do cos too lazy to sift through 3-4 pages of pseudo foodies amateur (fulamak perli pulak) reviews. Now tht i hv a gps i still refer to your maps cos it is so earnestly and sincerely drawn wtf frankly no one gives a shit so they usually just provide a google maps link or the location coordinate. Ok enough ass kissing wtf awesome comic. Succint and apt. I especially like the freddie mercury frame 😀 i do tht in public too when i feel like success kid. true story.

  21. Hahaha this is Epic!! XD
    And ended with the Fxx Yea Guy!!!

  22. Now that you’ve explained what’s Derpina, that I no need to ask dy. Initially I thought who is Derpina! Haha!

  23. Simple and sweet. I like! 😮

  24. wonderfully done, read to the last bit.

    Freddie mercury FTW 🙂

  25. Hahaha..really stylo..shud do shortfilmlah bro about your nuffnang story..sure pecah panggung..gud one bro..hehe

  26. omg so awesome!! can’t actually rmb that u went with derpina in 2009 wo.

  27. michellezyenn

    So friggin cool!!!!!! You da best uncleee! <3 <3

  28. One of the best story I have read so far! :mrgreen:

  29. Nice! hahaha ….. yeah, the next round you’d be going with kids and all?

  30. whoa this is super awesome! hahaha ya ya I love the competitor part the best!

  31. kimberlycun

    hahahah ME GUSTA!

  32. LOL that was really funny and awesome haha

  33. Made his move = set up room with one double bed to con derpina

  34. hahahaha i love this one! didn’t expect yours to be in rage comic format!

  35. that’s a cool story. and we all knew who the competitor was!!! heheh

  36. Hehehehehe….i like this but more of your story and Derpina wor….kekekeke…I always see u makan chap fan at Wisma Central but never see Derpina in real life b4…. nice blog..

  37. Man this was so awesome I almost got distracted, but Naturally, I Finished My Set.

  38. whatyoudidthere

    ಠ_ಠ When does the narwhal bacon?

  39. amazing. WOW…

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