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Just got back from Lang Tengah, plenty of underwater photos to process, some of them turned out quite well thanks to a loaner INON ultra wide angle dome unit.

Here a teaser picture:

a family of nemo at Lang Tengah
a family of nemo at Lang Tengah (click pic for bigger version)

Clown fish (or better known as Nemo these days) is still one of my favorite subjects underwater, and Lang Tengah is home to many of them.

Proper travelog and more photos to be posted once I got them properly processed.

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  1. junior eric

    Finding Nemo in Lang Tengah, waiting anxiously for ur post of travelog and more undersea amazing pics

  2. Gorgeous shot my dear.. you did it!! you FOUND NEMO!!!

  3. Michelle chin

    wah lang tengah! i’ve studied about that place in geografi but never went there before! envious!

  4. Haha… sushi ad and a clownfish pic. A bit salah, don’t you think?

    Superb shot. Love the image quality.

  5. Tan Yee Hou

    Hahahaa you post about fishes and soosee in the same post!

  6. Cool! That’s a great underwater shot. The detail is remarkable. 🙂

    I’ve never been to Lang Tengah but was tempted to last time I dropped by Terengannu, but we went to Pulau Perhentian instead.

  7. wow, been there 10 years ago, and happy to see that the natural beauty of that island is still intact til today.

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