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Got my hands on a copy of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and here’s a brief hands on review. Check out the video yo!

The slate is set to be launched with Celcom Broadband very soon, stay tuned. 😀

Discuss : Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hands on review

  1. wah… you makan dan gadget pun boleh review… sure or not…… 😆 😈 ❓ ❗

  2. Michelle chin

    hello nerd. hehe

  3. I want one! 😈 Only available in Celcom?

  4. Dang… Just got my ipad2… Wana swap? 😈

  5. i wan iPad 2 !!! :p

  6. nice tab! was playing with it the other day when a friend got a review set too. pretty fast n slick if you ask me.

  7. Isn’t it a good toy to use?? I guess, it is!

  8. It still could be sold in M’sia? Read the news that it was barred from selling in Europe and Australia cos violating Apple patents.

    • Brian: we don’t subscribe to US patent laws in Malaysia, and I think those lawsuits are quite BS to be honest, slide to unlock? come on

      • Come on…Big company used ten of thousands of dollars to file one patent for defense as well as offense itself….That’s why Google came out 12.5 billion dollars to buy Motorola Mobility for its 17,000+ patents 🙂

        • Brian: yeah I realize that Google bought Motorola for it’s hardware capability as well as it’s patent port folio. I was just stating that Malaysia does not have an agreement with US in trades to use their patents (and vice versa), like Australia and some European countries do.

  9. Just telling the truth

    Gosh this is so painful to watch. Please go back to school and learn proper english before you speak. Get a dentist and also plastic surgery after that.

    • Just telling the truth: also just telling the truth, get some balls and don’t hide behind the veil of anonymity. Also, I need an orthodontist, not a dentist. 😀

  10. […] another news, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (my hands on review video) is launching to public this Saturday (20th August, 2011 from 10am), and check out these fine deals […]

  11. Really nice ….was looking forward for this to come to malaysia …

    i tot got some other version rite which is the 10.1V and a 8.9 …..are they all coming to m’sia too ??

    How was the battery life like ???

    • Ah Hon: battery life is pretty good, I didn’t really drain it but was able to use 3-4 hours with close to half charge left. I doubt the 8.9 is coming though

  12. 😉 don’t leave home without it! Try it N you will trow away your IPad 2.

  13. […] I was invited to a blogger’s only preview of the device that was organized with Celcom and Samsung a couple weeks before the launch, and the good people from Samsung even let us get a hold of the tab for a few days to play with it (check out the short video here). […]

  14. Samsung galaxy tab is really a mindblowing gadget, I am using it and I think its really competing with IPAD and Ipad2. I like the video and points you covered.

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