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After Haze’s appointment to the hospital to get her ankle checked, we found ourselves at Puchong at around 10 am looking for breakfast.

My first suggestion was Yap Chuan bak kut teh, but Haze somehow believes that bak kut teh isn’t appropriate for breakfast… I then thought we could perhaps try the fresh made yong tau foo nearby, but we found out that they weren’t open for another hour.

found this pan mee place by the side of a house in Puchong
found this pan mee place by the side of a house in Puchong

As I try to make our way out of the area, we chanced upon this little eatery with a few plastic tables set up by the side of a house that seems to enjoy brisk business.

I had no idea what they were serving initially, but we thought we should gave it a try anyway, and that proved to be an excellent choice.

soup version, with hand torn pan mee noodle
soup version, with hand torn pan mee noodle

This little place with no name has a pan mee stall. They offer pan mee in soup and dry version, and you can have the noodle in hand peeled, thick, and thin version.

The hand peeled soup pan mee Haze ordered certainly looked simple, but look can be deceiving. The peeled noodle itself were of just the right consistency, minced pork was very flavorful too, and of course, it came with anchovies, fungus, and those signature pan mee leave.

dry version with thin pan mee noodle
dry version with thin pan mee noodle

The dry pan mee with thin noodle that I ordered came with essentially the same ingredients, but with soup on the side. I love it, and I think the noodle is the star here, as with the peeled version. They just seems to get it right.

And of course, no good pan mee is complete without chili paste, and over here their chili paste is one of the best I’ve had. It definitely has a strong kick to it, but also rather fragrant at the same time, I had a second helping.

these are our OMG this is so good expressions
these are our OMG this is so good expressions

By the way, they only cost RM 4 a bowl. I think I’ll have this again next time I head there. πŸ˜€

map to puchong pan mee

Between Jalan Puchong Batu 14 & Jalan Kecawi
Kampung Baru Puchong, Selangor
GPS: 2.995665,101.622873

Discuss : KY eats – Awesome Pan Mee at Kg. Baru Puchong

  1. I was fully attracted by both of ur expression. Not the pan mee actually. Haha… Thanks for giving such OMG expression in this lovely morning.

  2. “Haze somehow believes that bak kut teh isn’t appropriate for breakfast”

    Omg, bah kut teh is approriate for any meals! LOL

    I like your expressions, it was that good hor.

  3. Hand peel pan mee is not widely sold and I love hand peel pan mee but never have treated a good one in KL, will surely go have a try there, thanks

    • Anonymousmich: yah it’s getting less and less common these days, hand peeled pan mee

  4. heheh, i’m wondering what your “OMG this is so BAD” expressions might look like! πŸ˜€

  5. imantulen

    Ok, the eyes are superb, the mouth needs some work though – not contoured enough… heheheheee…. :mrgreen:

  6. Michelle

    You look really constipated! AHAHAHAHAH. the soup version looks really hearty!

  7. hey ky, next time try the yong tau fu just next to this shop in the afternoon.. much better in terms of freshness and better chili sauce than the famous over crowded nearby place. lagi rm0.10 cheaper….

  8. Where is this place? near bandar puteri?

  9. totally love the OMG expressions ! 😯

  10. Eh just went for the BKT two nights ago. The best dry BKT, but the soup one … nah. The 14 yrs old wonderboy has grown up though, lost the novelty effect?

    • J2Kfm: haha true, I agree their soup bkt is just average, but the dry bkt is still one of the best out there.

  11. I like the “awesome face” more than the “awesome pan mee” even! hahahaha

  12. disgusted

    the pan mee is nice but when i saw the PMG photo, it makes the pan mee taste and look disgusted.

  13. Is this place still open?

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