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A while back I participated in Hotlink’s Bloggers Without Border challenge and pleaded for vote (with an awesome video of course) to get me to Philippines.

Many of you voted, so a big thank you to you who took the time and effort to cast the ballot for me. However, due to something that came up in this pesky little thing called “DAY JOB”, I was not able to travel to Philippines. BUMMER!

So I guess balut will have to wait, haih, hopefully next time!

Now here’s another video with my co-star Cendawan for your amusement. 😀

Discuss : Adv: Escaped Failed, but thanks for voting!

  1. Your cat is so beautiful! I also want! What breed is he?

    PS When I heard the sound of running water on the video, at first I thought it was going to be a video of you bathing your cat…

    • Tabea: Cendawan is a bengal, the sound of running water was actually from his drinking fountain. 😀

  2. Wah! Pedigree cat. Very expensive or not?

    Mine is cheap mat cat (mina actually) got for free from a family who had extra kittens. You might be amused to see photos of her having a bath:

    • Tabea: aww that’s a cute kitteh! we bath cendawan once every 2 weeks or so too. 😀

  3. yeah…sadly there are this petknode hotel has become hellcats hotell last weekend…

    • ignatio: yah that’s a damn messed up ordeal, they should regulate this business properly. haigh

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