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I have over here 2 tickets to the MTV World Stage concert at i-City Shah Alam happening this Sunday 24th July 2011.

Since Haze and I can’t make it to the concert, our lost is your gain. I am giving away the pair of X-ZONE tickets to one lucky fella via a very simple contest.

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia tickets
this is the tickets!

Look at the photo of Cendawan below, and leave your best caption in comment. Contest winner will be chosen by me solely based on my judgement of the best caption.

Comment must be left before 11:59pm Wednesday 20th April, and winner needs to be able to collect tickets either at KL (near KLCC Convention Centre) during office hours on Thursday and Friday, or evenings at PJ near Taman Bahagia on the same day. If you win, I will email you.

Caption this photo!
caption this kitteh pic!

Sample caption (and a lousy one) – ” I SCARE BIG HAIR, I HIDE”

Good luck!

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  1. nur shamiera

    what are you staring at?

  2. Stephanie Ee

    “This is the best bin to hide, I guess. I hope no one will notice my existence. Err”

  3. nur shamiera

    me is freezed,take my picture!


  4. nur shamiera

    I wanna save earth,go green!


    • what? u wanna puke in here? sorry dude, i owned this place. go find somewhere else to vomit.

  5. I’m gonna poo MTV worldstage passes out real soon. Be patient pls ppl! 😛

  6. i love petronas, gimme a bag of em!!

    (note the colour ;p)

  7. Tan Jian Shen

    recycle bag is way more comfort for me 😮

  8. Natalie Chai


  9. obviously i’m stuck in here.. stop staring and get me out of here!!

  10. syahirah ibrahim

    “We have a theory that cats are planning to take over this world, just try to look them straight in the eye…yup, they’re hiding something!” :mrgreen:


  12. Farris Rashly

    Caption: Yeah yeah that’s right, take a picture, I mean, i’m enjoying the comfort yeaa I don’t need help..what? Claustrophobic? Me? Pshttt i’m no pussycat.

  13. nabilahalias

    I’m too cute, so what? Yeah throwing me away doesn’t make you any cuter ! Pfft.

  14. Yo mate, heard of Puss in Boots? because that’s my cousin.
    I’m Puss in err…Bin!

  15. Lord Voldemort hide me here, in the magical bin so Harry Potter will not find me that easily. Yes, youre right. I am the last horcrux! :O

  16. Puss In Bin :mrgreen:

  17. stephen wong

    im not a trash im a cat

  18. Queenie Kong

    Don’t make me come out and bite you!!!

  19. EverythingMe

    Hey you! You aren’t gonna take me doin’ business are you? Ughhh, let me hide it first *quickly sits and squashes the poopoo*

  20. It’s the MTV- Meoooooowwwww To Virtuoso entertainment!!!

  21. wadda hell does your own caption mean?!! Geez… 😛 hahaha

  22. My caption:


  23. “KY, that I continue to live here shows just how much I love you.”

  24. Because Cendawan is not really happy about the weather..

  25. ” I got a bad feeling bout this… “

  26. Hey you! Yes you! Can you help me out of here? 😎

  27. Yin Foong

    I must be in the wrong place! Why are these ppl staring at me for?!

  28. Sha abdullah

    What the hell is this pesky human doing? Can’t you see i’m trying to sleep?! Uh, go away.

  29. Hi my name is Cendawan. With this face of mine, you may think I’m your “lawan” but no I’m your “kawan”. Now can u pls get me out of here?

  30. “I know it’s a trash can. So what? Back off! This is MY trash can. Find your own. ”

    I really want the tickets. 🙁



  33. “Bin Cat – Watching you take a dump”

  34. “Exhibit A: What not to recycle.”

  35. “Master.. I think I’ve got a good view from the bin opps I mean box to watch MTV World Stage, donchathink?”

  36. “Wait, what!? You mean were not going to MTV World Stage this year!?” *sulks and grows cendawan in bin*

  37. i aint leaving your pee pee pot till you give me those mtv tixs. Now give itt… *cat stare*

  38. i scare of yerrow. i no want to see foto.

  39. “Let me out here, I’m late for the MTV concert….miao”

  40. syahirah ibrahim

    “okay! the first attempt is to sulk in the bin,next is stare! (keep stariiiing keep stariiing) till syahirah ibrahim got her x-zone tickets! owh u wouldn’t wanna know what i’d do next. grrrrr 😡

  41. Adrian lim

    You told me to get a room with my pussy cat friend =O!!

  42. Mae Ling

    Mushrooms grow in dark places!? I’ll wait here for new friends =D kthxbai!

  43. i’m wasted! (hence the location n my name)

  44. Angela Yong

    Hide n Seek! Stop n Stare!
    You found me.. n here i give you my dagger eyes

  45. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Well, now I know how it feels like to be a plastic bag (or at least in one!)

  46. not every cat gets to be a plastic bag kitty 🙂 LIKE A CAT !

  47. 🙄 Just Gv Her The Tickets! I Dont want to stay Here ForEver 😯 ❗

  48. hey! i got no legs! im magician not kitteh!

  49. jazmint lee

    waiting for the right moment to sneak attack your balls!!

    afterall, cats like balls.

  50. Jennifer

    Leave me alone. I am Oscar the Grouch for the day >(

  51. Is that a fish you’re holding? meow….

  52. “call me when you’re ready to talk sense.. “

  53. i scared ball’s hair! i hide inside a boxer~ >.<

  54. This is THE kitty litter…

  55. anonymous

    “Bank account number? No money, no talk.” /turns away

  56. “I only accept American Express.”

  57. “Full name? I.C.? Weight? Height?”

  58. platinum

    “Are you here to take the Meow-O-Metre? If yes, please step this side. Thank You.”

  59. Serge Norguard

    “This is the cat that did not get out of the bag but entered the bin”

  60. syahirah ibrahim

    meoowwww…. please please (puppy dog eyes). cendawan doesn’t wanna live in this smelly place nemore meeooowwww.. i’ll be rescued until syahirah ibrahim win her passes. meoowwww!

  61. “You don’t have any cat-sense. Go away!”

  62. “imma cat in the bin! forget puss in boots or a silly cat in a top hat. Im the maverick cat of the 21st century!”

  63. “cat in a bin, cat in a bin! wad ya lookin at? antidemocratic? join me in the (BN) ➡ bin la”

  64. ‘you stare what stare? my eyes are still bigger!’

  65. err,no…no…nothing…i am not sitting on the 2 MTV tickets….

  66. Cendawan: “Just give me the tickets…god dammit, meow!”

  67. ” ayam innocent, like reallyyy! “

  68. Allison How

    My caption! 😀

    “what? you wouldn’t give me your leftovers so…..”

  69. huh? what the hell going on outside?

  70. “I’m green with envy! Bag me up and take me along with you to MTV World Stage!!”

  71. Ashwin Malik

    sneaky cat is sneaky. 😈


    “okay so next, you get your maid uniform and we sneak into Jared Leto’s room. GOT IT?”

  72. Piravin Naidu

    “if you think I’m trashy, wait til’ you see the Pussycat Dolls.”

  73. Jonathan Luke Raj

    Cendawan: I know I’m [C]lever, [E]nergetic, [N]eat, [D]evilish, [A]nimated, [W]himsical, [A]dventurous and [N]utty, but you still found me!

  74. “Just shut the hell up and come in here will ya? Its not a dead end, and you know it too, right?!”

  75. Meooow~! Give out those MTV tickets already, my beauty sleep in being disrupted!

  76. “Don’t mean to sound ungrateful but this new litter box? A wee bit cramped. And a little too deep.”

  77. ” GET AWAY, NOW. “

  78. ” I sea Ded Peehpulhz!”

  79. “I won’t put on a puss-in-boots cute face, if that’s what you’re hoping! Now, get me outta here”

  80. OK guys contest is closed! thank you for participating, I’ll pick the winner and email to him/her shortly. 😀

  81. can you announce the winner here? Just wanna know who wins. TQ 🙂

    • shaa: Winner is JOYCE, emailed her already but I’ll choose another winner if she doesn’t reply by tonight or something. 🙂

  82. The bear told me I was fat! that’s why i’m hiding inside.

  83. choose another winner then 😉

  84. Ajeerah Azali

    What u looking at? Freak

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