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For tourists, Bukit Bintang area is all glitz and glamour, with many shopping malls and world class hotels.

In those malls and hotels there are secret walkways to transport goods and workers hidden from customers. On a bigger scale, Bukit Bintang itself too have hidden back roads and walk ways that are not readily visible to tourists. This post is sourced from one such places.

stall Adik Tomyam at medan selera behind Fahrenheit 88
stall Adik Tomyam at medan selera behind Fahrenheit 88

Sandwiched between Jalan Imbi and Jalan Bukit Bintang just behind Fahrenheit 88 (previously known as KL Plaza), there is an old, beat up medan selera that have definitely seen better days. Most tables and chairs are in the state of disrepair, the place is not properly lit, and half the stalls aren’t even in operation. Nevertheless, there are usually groups of mostly Malay working class people lunching there.

I wandered into the food court on one hot afternoon. Most of the stalls offer nasi kandar, which I wasn’t particularly interested at the time, until I walked to the last stall – Adik Tomyam. The only stall that prepares food on order.

nasi paprik ayam - check out the ingredients
nasi paprik ayam – check out the ingredients

The menu are quite standard, there’s Malay style tomyam, beef, chicken, or seafood cook in paprik (spicy), merah (red sauce), halia (ginger), kunyit (turmeric) etc, and several types of fried rice and noodle too.

My first try was sotong halia (ginger squid) and a telur dadar (omelet with onion) to go with rice, and then I return a couple days later for ayam paprik (chicken with spicy sauce).

sotong halia and telur dadar
sotong halia and telur dadar

It was out of my expectation, and easily the best looking made-to-order Malay food from any medan selera I’ve had. There’s a host of ingredients in each dish. The sotong halia had squid, chili padi, cauliflower, fried onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, and more. Paprid ayam came with chicken, ginger, spring onion, onion, long bean, lime leaf, carrot, cauliflower, garlic, and more…

So you can imagine that even though they are a single dish, there’s a lot of variety in them, and the sauce tastes damn good too! Oh, best of all, with the telur dadar and rice, the meal was still only RM 5.50.

I’m gonna order their tomyam next time.

map to Medan Selera behind Fahrenheit 88

Adik Tomyam,
Medan Selera at Jalan Padang, Bukit Bintang
GPS: 3.145101, 101.713108
Tel: 012-3538 440

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Paprik & such at Bukit Bintang

  1. Eh KY, there’s also a Nasi Lemak stall somewhere near that location along Jalan Walter Grenier that open in the morning, have seen queues there before, not sure if it’s nice or not. Always wanted to try that.

  2. Michelle

    the food looks really yummy!!!

  3. food looks really hot and spicy for a humid afternoon’s lunch though! but i’m a real wuss when it comes to fiery food anyway … i haven’t eaten tom yam in months! 😀

  4. I just love telur dadars
    Every time I see there’s an opportunity to order this “beat up” egg, I’ll do just that! XD

  5. simple yet looking deliciously good..
    many foreigners there tho 🙂

  6. looks good will go try it soon.

  7. RM 5.50 is a steal at that area. 🙂

    It’s like the chap fan at the top floor of BB Plaza, cheap also, used to eat there when I worked in Jln Sultan Ismail but not that cheap.

    • Huai Bin: yeah, these are all the places for working class people around the area.

  8. The omelette looks good! 😉

  9. Eh yeahloh… at times we don’t usually think of Malay food that much when eating out. More or less the generic affairs, but can be darn addictive. Tom yam, rice and telur dadar. Fantastic combination on their own.

  10. dirt cheap man !!!!

  11. hi! do u think this place is open for dinner especially during the fasting season? i’m sorry if i made u sound like an info booth 🙂

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