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I must have walked by Yashi-no-mi at least a dozen times without thinking that it was available for lunch.

The outside says Japanese Cafe, but with the darkened glass panels and dodgy looking main entrance, this place looks more like an old school arcade or pubs where married men prefer not to let their wives know if they went there the previous night.

Yashi-no-mi Japanese Cafe at Wisma Cosway
Yashi-no-mi Japanese Cafe at Wisma Cosway

Feeling a little adventurous yesterday, I walked by Yashi-no-mi again yesterday, and just by chance I spotted a piece of laminated A-4 paper that says (among other things), lunch at 12 pm – 2:30 pm. The door wasn’t fully closed, I peeked in and saw a handful of diners in there eating something. I decided to head in too.

buta shougayaki don - pork belly in ginger sauce with rice
buta shougayaki don – pork belly in ginger sauce with rice

The cafe looks like it was lifted from a neighborhood pub in suburban Japan and got transported to this country by mistake. Maroon faux leather bench chair, wooden tables, a brick wall, heavily tinted glasses, and a TV older than most college kids.

The place is quite hideous, but at the same time it was also quite charming, a little old lady prepares your food right behind the bar, the server was friendly, and time slows down by at least a factor of two when you are there.

the set comes with salad, miso soup, and drinks
the set comes with salad, miso soup, and drinks

There were less items on the menu than you have fingers, which makes it easy to order. I chose the buta shougayaki don that comes with a bowl of fried pork belly with onion in light onion sauce on rice, a serving of salad with the lovely wafu dressing, a drink (choice of ice lemon tea or green tea), and a bowl of miso soup too.

All for RM 17, if you order the “S” size. Add 2 bucks for M, 4 for L, and so forth.

The pork belly and rice I had was excellent too (same can’t be said about their miso soup), and I think I’ll be heading there whenever I need to get away a little. There’s still a few dishes to try out, like maybe that pork cutlet with mayo.. ermm.

wisma cosway map

Lot  G.01, Ground Floor
Wisma Cosway
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50540 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.150875, 101.711812
Tel03-2148 4254

Discuss : KY eats – Yashi-no-mi Japanese Cafe

  1. Used to frequent here for their awesome mentaiko omurice…sadly they discontinued all omurice items from their menu 🙁

    Their buta mayo don is also really good…need to revisit them soon for this :mrgreen:

  2. Michelle

    Looks very nice la! I wanna come here and try too! 🙂

  3. DelectableSu kai seow this place to me. It really feels as though you are transported to Japan. You should pop by at night when most of the diners are Japanese. You may just find yourself humming the song by the Vapors. LOL!

    • unkaleong: hahah I don’t know any songs by Vapors, but yah the area has a few quaint Japanese restaurants that don’t seems like they are from here.

  4. Nice pork rice

  5. iamthewitch

    You’re right! If I were to pass by this place, I’d not dare to walk in! The dark glass panels and the closed doors, all seem too dodgy for my liking. But I’m glad you decided to go in anyway and reveal the authentic Japanese food to us! And I love pork belly!!

  6. i assume they serve booze too! fried pork with some sake sounds like what i could use to chase away the work blues after a long day at the office 😀

  7. Sometimes looks can be deceiving right, we are somehow unaware of hidden gems with unassuming facade. Glad you found, tried and shared this place 🙂

  8. suertes

    Looks a bit like Ramen Girl.

  9. PINKPheng

    Actually i wanna tell u this place last time when u blogged bout the ramen in cosway.. but i’ve forgotten the name of this place and it is a bit difficult to explain where it is located.. lol.. quite secluded lor.. anyway.. i used to dine here with my Japanese colleagues and the food is good (: the owner/ chef is Japanese and u will be able to see him around cooking your food in his little kitchen behind the bar
    BUT that was about 3-4 years back.. not sure if things have changed much

    • PINKPheng: by the look at it, it couldn’t have changed much probably for the last 20 years. lol

  10. Myhorng

    buta shougayaki don, this looks yummy.

  11. Looks like a lot of hidden gem in Wisma Cosway, despite the place looking dodgy…

  12. […] While walking to our original intended target – the pork free food court between Wisma Cosway and Wisma Genting, a few colleagues and I chanced upon this new little restaurant by the name of Siamese Cafe located just behind the interesting Yashi-no-mi Japanese cafe. […]

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