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I’ve heard and read about the famed Uncle Cheng’s Special Beef Noodle (at Seksyen 17 then) for quite some time, and always meant to give it a try. That mission somehow eluded me, then one day, I saw the bright and shiny UNCLE CHENG special beef noodle signage on the shop lot right next to the pet fish store I always frequent at Alisan.

Uncle Cheng moved to within walking distance from my house, marvelous!

Uncle Cheng's special beef noodle, at Alisan
Uncle Cheng’s special beef noodle, new location at Alisan

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, this area called Alisan (Alison) is actually at the tail end of SS 2, intersecting SS 3 and SS 4, within a stone’s throw away from Taman Bahagia Station and quite a distance away from the more familiar SS 2 square (with wai sek kai, McDonald’s, and the likes).

beef, tripe, and beef ball - RM 7.50
beef, tripe, and beef ball – RM 7.50

Uncle Cheng serves Johor style beef noodle, and this is quite a bit different from the usual Central version that we are familiar with (like ngau kei at Tengkat Tongshin, song kee at lot 10 Hutong).

The soup version of beef noodle comes with clear broth that’s slightly salty, a choice of laifun, horfun, or meehun, beef, tripes, and beef balls, a bit of salted vegetable, and served with home made chili sauce that carries a kick.

This is the basic version at RM 7.50, with the amount of beef stuff, it was certainly well worth the money.

beef noodle, dry and soup, with laifun & meehun options
beef noodle, dry and soup, with laifun & meehun options

The dry version is served with the same ingredients but with the addition ofย sesameย seeds and peanuts, a slightly sweet, starchy sauce completes the dish, with a small bowl of soup at the side. I’ve tried both and personally favors the soup version, the dry one is not bad but slightly too starchy for me, but it does certainly have an interesting texture with the sesame seeds and peanuts.

There’s also beef noodle with dry meat (RM 8.50), beef, tripe, beef balls, dry meat (RM 9), tenderloin meat (RM 9), beef + tripe + beef balls + dry meat + tendon (RM 12), I tried the latter before, and boy it was a feast.

check out the special beef tendon, the size of it!
check out the special beef tendon, the size of it!

For those who loves beef tendon as much as yours truly, Uncle Cheng sometimes carry a special type of beef tendon not easily available anywhere else. The chef personally introduced this big slab of tendon to me. Served in a bowl of saltier broth, it was sticky, super flavorful, and absolutely heaven for anyone who loves tendon. I was lucky.

A separate bowl of tendon goes for RM 6 or RM 12. You can also order shank, brisket, and even bone marrow in bowl or clay pot.

map to Uncle Cheng beef noodle at SS2, Alisan

Uncle Cheng is open for breakfast and lunch everyday, and dinner too on weekends. The good chef/owner is still tinkering a bit with the menu I think, but whatever that is described here are always available.

I’m gonna walk there more often. ๐Ÿ˜€

p/s: this place is pork free.

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle
Jalan SS 2/4a
SS 2, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS:ย 3.111731,101.611218
Tel: 012-303 0626

Discuss : KY eats – Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle

  1. That looks delicious! The beef tripe is my favorite part of beef noodles but that beef tendon looks absolutely sinful!

    That huge unsliced piece of tendon…man, that is making me crave for it.

    • Huai Bin: yah dude, that tendon you really gotta try for yourself, it was fantastic!

  2. Michelle

    hmmm… maybe one day i’ll give this a try. i rarely eat beef.

  3. Woot, walking distance from your house? That’s like very cool!

  4. kimberlycun


  5. Rent apartment Rio

    looks so delecious one word come from my mind its fantastic

  6. just tried going there for lunch at about 1.30pm..not opened leh… ๐Ÿ™„
    kek all the way there..

    • jen: tragic, monday is the worst day to eat out, a lot of places are closed :/

  7. 7.50 ONLY?! wah taii maxxx

  8. It’s similar to Seremban’s 1 but I prefer Seremban one thou

  9. Rizal Zainudin

    Thanks for the info on the restaurant!!

  10. fraulein

    Is this beef noodle at the corner lot kopitiam in Section 17 previously, which claimed to be from Kluang?

  11. Tomatoness

    Paid a 2nd visit the very next day after trying out the beef noodles for the 1st time based on your recommendation. The food there was better than most beef noodles sold at coffee shops in PJ that I thought it was worth recommending to friends. However, I have one dissatisfaction with an experience that happened on both visits. The owner had overcharged for the additional tendons ordered. On both occasions, he did not apologize even after I reminded him that the exact thing had happened just the day before. To make matters worst, he was rather arrogant when I realized he made a mistake in the order while at the till. He curtly replied, “I didn’t hear big or small, I just give regular” (which to him was big). Just the night after the 1st try, I was looking forward to lunch the next day there with my friends. However, after this repeated bad experience, only warning I would give about the place, no recommendation this time, calculate the bill before heading to the till.

    • Tomatoness: ah, that isn’t very nice of the owner if that’s true. I hope it’s just some misunderstanding. I think this blog might be read by the proprietor himself so hopefully he “adjusts”

  12. haiyo..tried again today at 11.30..also not open! whatda.. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    don’t think i’, meant to eat there la..

  13. uncle cheng or julian or whoever he calls himself….. is a bit eccentric… just eat the food and cabut ehehe

  14. Jennifer Clement

    Hi KY,
    is this facing the LDP or the row behind it?

  15. Had their claypot tenderloin+tendon and it was great.

  16. […] My beef tendon noodle (RM 5.50 or 6) and Haze’s beef tripes and tendon (RM were prepared the Johor style – ย clearer but flavorful soup that comes with little chunks of salted vegetable. Similar to Uncle Cheng’s special beef noodle. […]

  17. This is the worst place on earth. I just wanted to try the so called “best beef noodles”. The first time I went I was not assure of Julian’s behavior. I didn’t know what to order and he told me ” the way you look like your gonna choose the cheapest one. He called me a cheapskate directly to my face. I just didn’t want to say anything so I just ignored it. A few weeks later, I decided to give it a go again. I went there and I ordered for the first dish on the menu and Julian’s wife told me ” ya you wanna order the cheapest one.” And she asked for my drink I ask for chinese tea and she said “ya cheapest one again”. “Julian” and his wife insulted me 2 times by calling me a cheapskate. The beef noodles i ate tasted extremely sour and it was not good at all because it was all made by his Myanmar worker. Please do change your attitude, stop looking down on people and calling people cheapskate and please keep up quality with your food. If you don’t change it I think your going in the wrong direction. Rule no 1 of business is customer satisfaction if you can’t even achieve that you should not even be running a noodle stall. All the viewers which are reading this please be aware about “Julian and his wife’s behavior” then you will understand how I feel.

    • Robert: you know what? I totally believe that you are telling the truth.

      • I went to eat today and after two mouthful, I found an insect crawling in my noodles. Called the owner, he took a pair of chopsticks to get it out and says, no more! Do you think I will still eat it? When my friend went to pay, he charges us for two bowls.He follow me out of the shop and said ask god why there is an insect. Shout insult that I have no money to pay.. This guy is sic… Bye for good. Not even for free..

        • Lee: wah that’s nuts.

          • Avoid this place. Owner is an asshole who talks too much and arrogant like hell. Place is overpriced too. Service is watching the rude owner talks all over you. Hello, I am there to enjoy the food not tolerate assholes. virtually empty during lunch.

            • Lye: Lucky for me I never had any negative experience the few times I was there. Guess I’m lucky ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Fed Up & Pissed off Customer

    Honestly I find Uncle Cheng’s beef noodles is top notch, but his fucking arrogance, rudeness, and attitude is something not just myself, but many customers would agree with me too. Instead of building up his customer base and improving his business, he is driving many customers away. On my first visit there with my family members he charged me much more than what he spread and recommended on the table. Just the 5 of us our bill was RM$179.00 !!! When I enquired he arrogantly replied that he provided us with so called ‘quality’ cuts. What quality cuts when most of it was tripe ! Still I return to Uncle Cheng if I happen to be anywhere near Alisa. As what one of the customer recommended ….. just order your food, whack it, pay and chao. No need to talk to him. If you do it will definitely spoil your meal and day. I have patronized his joint since it open, but till now even during peak hour lunch the most you see is merely 2 tables of customers. He asked for it ….. driving away his customers !

    • Agreed, it’s a pity. He should be enjoying steady stream of customers from the quality of his food alone, but some of these questionable behaviors certainly drives many away.

      I’m hesitant to go there myself even when I’m around the area.

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