I was at Bukit Bintang last Monday (don’t you just love replacement public holiday on Mondays?) doing a bit of walking around hunting for some food when I spotted these four mascots just outside Pavilion KL.

Even at around this area, mascots aren’t exactly the most common things you spot. I thought these guys are usually at stadiums and there were never more than 2 of them who usually don’t like each other very much. hehe.

WMD at Pavilion

And it seems to be that they are helping people to cross the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang, cute.

The four mascots drew quite a crowd and soon as they’re at the side of Sephora (who designed that building anyway!?), people started taking photos of them, so I did too.

WMD at Pavilion

From what I could gather, the four of them represents flavors of certain product. The brown one took a bit of guessing but it should be caramel toffee, the green one is unmistakenly melon, then there’s red bean and sweet corn too.

The four of them were like celebrities at the side walk, with plenty of people surrounding them, especially the kids, it was a rather joyous atmosphere with their presence.

WMD at Pavilion

I think the mascots must be something bigger, there was a TV host of sort that was on location filming them too. I tried to eavesdrop a bit but didn’t manage to catch what she said though. I think we should find out soon anyway.

Before moving on, I took a couple pictures with the cheerful looking mascots. Don’t laugh, there’s a kid in every one of us 😀

Not coincidentally, red bean & melon are two of my favorite flavors too.

Someone shot videos and posted them on youtube, this one’s showing the four little dudes having a chat with the police. hahaha, and there’s this one where they took the LRT too, I wonder how they went through the ticketing gate. The melon’s waistline isn’t exactly small.

Did you catch these guys anywhere?

Four Mascots at Bukit Bintang
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