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Thai food is of course, more than just tomyam and pad thai. However, there are certain dishes that are quite rare in Malaysia since most Thai establishments are set up with providing halal food in mind (Ying Thai 2 at Melbourne serves a good one). So this is one dish that isn’t particularly easy to find around here, but luckily, it isn’t difficult to cook it up at home either.

Yes, the recipe for this post is Kapraw Pork, or minced pork with chili & basil.

note: you can actually substitute pork with chicken.

kapraw pork - Thai style chili basil pork
kapraw pork – Thai style chili basil pork

The ingredients are simple:

  • pork, 2-300 grams, minced
  • 4-5 chili (red & green for better color, but either color is fine)
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • basil
  • dark soya sauce (or caramel sauce) – 1 table spoon
  • fish sauce – 1 table spoon

ingredients for kapraw pork - pork, chili, fish sauce, basil, garlic
ingredients for kapraw pork – pork, chili, fish sauce, basil, garlic


  • using pestle and mortar, crush chili & garlic
  • heat up 2 tablespoon of cooking oil, and fry chili & garlic till you start coughing (around 2 minutes)
  • add minced pork, then fish sauce and dark soya sauce
  • stir fry till pork is cooked
  • add basil and stir for another 20 seconds or so before serving

For purely aesthetic purposes I also saved half a green & red chili and sliced them instead of having all crushed. You don’t necessarily have to do that.

The result is a dish that is spicy, slightly salty (from fish sauce), and savory at the same time. Best served with rice.


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Discuss : KY cooks – Kapraw Pork (Thai style chili basil minced pork)

  1. Chis i thot u using BB?! Sellout! haha 😛 (kidding la)

    The Pork dish looks fahbulosss! I thot Haze and u inviting us over for dina? 😛

    • Ciki: hahah I use whatever that suits me best at the time. 😛 wait la we experiment more dishes that can be served to guests first. hehehe

  2. YUM YUM this is my fav thai dish!!

  3. Precious Pea

    Yumz…I just cooked this last week and I added some bamboo strips too, topped with a fried egg. Bliss!!

  4. ooh, i’ve seen chicken stir-fried with basil and chillies on some menus before (i think, the food delivery service, has it), but never knew it’s called ‘kapraw.’ the other thai fried minced meat recipe that i can recall is ‘pad prik,’ though i can never remember what that one is fried with!

    • Sean: padprik or paprik is the southern thai style that is quite popular in local Malay stalls, paprik ayam, paprik sotong etc. 😀

  5. winsern

    just had it the other day…best..phad krapow ftw!

  6. kenny_lim

    1- it is too dry
    2- there should be onions…..lots of it
    3- pork is always the best meat for this dish
    4- the chilli is just too huge and i never had one with crushed chilli+garlic is overcooked…..

    • kenny_lim: the version I had didn’t have onions though, got the recipe from online somewhere, but I guess you could be right too, there are many variations when it comes to dishes like this 🙂

      • kenny_lim

        i guess u had the ‘local’ ones……try to thai ones…..esp with fried century eggs……….:)

        • kenny_lim: i had it at Melbourne Thai restaurant, and in BKK too, but not locally. With fried century eggs sound interesting too. 😀

  7. Quit yer job and open a restaurant!!

  8. Michelle

    Looks delicious. 🙂 Hey try cooking vietnamese dishes too!

  9. eiling

    wah you can definitely serve this at a restaurant!

  10. TikkoSS

    FULAMAK… cant control .. im drooling now.. and love the first photo very much.. Isnt it good if im your neighbor?

  11. Nice! It looks spicy enough…now all that’s required is some bird eye chilli. 😀

  12. Very delicious looking Pork Kapraw. However, I do think that majority of Chinese don’t like the taste of the basil. Had that in my bruschetta last weekend and a few of my family members and friends don’t like the taste that much.

  13. Your pork kapraw looks yummy 🤤

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