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Non-halal Japanese Ramen used to be a bit of a novelty in this country. For a long time, Wisma Central’s Tenka Daiichi and Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway were two of the few places that serves it.

Mai Ramen at Jaya One
Mai Ramen at Jaya One

But with the seemingly rapid maturity that Japanese cuisine enjoys in this country over the last decade or so, I’m glad that there are now more ramen shops that don’t feel like they have to make compromises to capture a wider demographic.

Mai Ramen is one of such places, a relatively new comer to the scene that serves ramen as intended – with pork!

chasiu ramen, always my go-to ramen of choice
chasiu ramen, always my go-to ramen of choice

I ordered basically the measuring stick of any ramen place – chasiu ramen. If you ask for a set, it comes with 3 pretty tasty gyoza, a somewhat forgettable salad, and some interesting salty+spicy vegetable on the side that goes pretty well with the ramen.

As for the bowl of ramen itself, it was certainly not a disappointment. The broth was pretty thick and flavorful, the noodle palatable, and the chasiu were commendable too. It was actually, quite good.

I think we might have over ordered..
I think we might have over ordered..

Yuki had ramen that comes with unagi. The unagi sauce certainly made the eel tasted as good as any. The 3/4 boil egg in the ramen too were perfectly done. Good stuff.

The yakitori (grilled stuff) at Mai Ramen, on the other hand, were a pretty disappointing affair. They somehow tasted a little old and you don’t get the flavor and punch you’d expect from good yakitori such as those you can get from the excellent Sumi Ka or Hyotan at SS15.

Horng, Yuki, Kerol
Horng, Yuki, Kerol at Mai Ramen

A dinner at Mai Ramen would come to about RM 20-30 inclusive of drinks. The best ramen I’ve had in the region is still Santouka in Singapore, but Mai Ramen is certainly not a place to be dismissed if you’ve got that pork ramen craving coming. Now I just wish they don’t take nearly as long to serve…

map to Jaya One

Mai Ramen
D-13-G, Block D
Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.117537, 101.635680
Tel: 03-7957-6689

Discuss : KY eats – Mai Ramen at Jaya One

  1. ah i love this place and its ramen. The 3/4 boiled eggs especially is really good!

  2. michellezyenn

    Their dessert there is the bomb (beats MyHoneymoon anytime)! I always go back for their black sesame shaved ice thingy! 😀

  3. The chasiu looks really fat! So far the not so good one that I’ve tasted is Ichiban Ramen.

  4. Quite exp, yah it’s good to see there’s plenty more non-halal Ramen shops around now. We had a pretty decent one the other day in Sunway.

  5. ya, between mai ramen and marufuku udon at jaya one, i think i prefer mai ramen (the pork factor helps, and i prefer ramen to udon) 😀

    • Sean: same here, in fact i didn’t like marufuku at all, udon a bit too chewy for me. :S

  6. Michelle

    I want ramen toooo! The ramens here are too salty!

  7. i love royasl oalk!!!!! raorrrrrrrrr

  8. Now I know where to go next in Jaya One. Thanks for sharing! I don’t like marufuku at all. 😕

    • Bangsar-bAbE: in all fairness I’ve had marufuku only once, but nope, didn’t like it at all. yakitori’s ok but the udon’s just too chewy for me.

  9. Looks awesome – the pork is suitable fatty, the way is should be. There’s this whole process of making ramen that I’m watching – different styles in Japan and the pride they take in their work. 🙂

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