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I have a little history with this most awesome mee sotong stall.

Although born and bred on the beautiful island of Penang, I haven’t stayed there since after high school, so this particular mee sotong stall wasn’t in my vocabulary. I had originally heard about it from Horng instead.

The very first time I tried to have it, I went to the wrong food court at the other side of the ocean front and had myself a disappointing mee goreng. The stall was closed for during my second visit, and on the third try, which should be a charm, ended up with the whole place being cordoned off due to Cup Prix motor racing.

mee sotong at Padang Kota Lama, Penang
mee sotong at Padang Kota Lama, Penang

Two years later, this is the story of my fourth visit, and unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a further cases of schadenfreude, I simply had the best mee sotong (or if you prefer, mee goreng) ever!

The stall is located within the food court directly next to Fort Cornwallis, a stone’s throw away from Penang Jetty.

As you step into the food court, the mee sotong stall is hard to miss, it is the busiest stall.

glorious mee sotong
glorious mee sotong, spicy and addictive

A plate of mee sotong costs between RM 4 to RM 6, and the photo above illustrate the RM 4 version. The dish is very wet, and comes with your usual mee goreng ingredients, but with plenty of squid in really spicy, sweet, and awesomely delicious sauce.

It was so good I wanted to have it again the very next day, the only thing stopping me is the long drive back to KL and the knowledge that my stomach will probably protest. The idea of stopping at every other rest area to visit the toilet wasn’t a very welcoming one.

mee sotong and coconut shake with ice cream
mee sotong goes well with coconut shake with vanilla ice cream

By the way, the spicy mee sotong goes best with a glass of icy cold coconut shake with vanilla ice cream from the mamak stall right next to the one selling mee sotong. A combination perfect for each other, that milky vanilla ice cream really does control the spiciness a little bit.

So next time when you go to Penang, try this out!

map to Padang Kota Lama, Penang

Food Court at Padang Kota Lama
Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah

GPS: 5.42078, 100.34434

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  1. Ling Hui

    HAHAHAH i remember about ur post to the wrong stall. and YES Best maggi goreng in Penang. i miss thisssssssssssssssssss !! i used to makan here every other week

  2. Michelle

    OMG sweet and spicy sotong!!!! haven’t had sotong for years!

  3. Seriously this is the best mamak style mee goreng IN THE WORLD!

  4. gosh, i studied at usm in penang for three years, but i never knew about this stall. arrrgh! 😀

  5. MEE SOTONG?! next trip to Penang must refer back to this post for address! 😀

  6. I prefer the mee rebus one, (they gave you an option of mee rebus and mee goreng ).

    But maybe because I am a johorean at heart where everything is good if made into mee rebus.

  7. So is it Mee Goreng + Some sotong sambal? My next Penang trip is in June, maybe can sneak out to try it then…

  8. your stomach can ‘stomach’ both spicy mee goreng and icy cold coconut shake at the same time? i think i’d have bad diarrhoea if i did that!

  9. wah KALORI overload!

  10. shirlynn

    omg yess. this is the best mee sotong in penang! and i love the coconut shake from the stall next to it tooo!

  11. Hey that looks very promising! I can’t believe I’ve ever had mee sotong before – mee soto, yes but that’s a different thing. I like the hue – it looks spicy to me. 🙂

    Unfortunately it’s in Penang. Oh well, nothing a road trip can’t fix. 🙂

  12. How i wish im in penang right now.. darn hungry now.. btw.. that mee looks like mee goreng mamak.. u in penang now?

  13. Holy crap on a stteeeekkk..

    This looks effin glorious…

  14. ShashaCatering

    Oh dear! It looks delicious. I will look for it if I go to Penang. Thanks for sharing 😉

  15. nekomeow

    haha~ is mee for “sotong” ? 😛

  16. I just tried this in Penang. Heaven!

  17. One of my favorite! Ahhh…..saliva dropping already! Coconut shake too….mmmm

    • Brenda: ya that coconut shake.. yums. The only bad thing is the wait time.. gahh

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