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Most of us associate Kilkenny as one of those premium beers you get from fancy pubs and restaurants, places like Bernard’s and Sid’s Pub, and indeed this is true, Kilkenny draught can be found in all those places.

But now, one the fastest growing beer in this country has just gotten even more accessible, we have Kilkenny in the bottle!

Update: Unfortunately Ming Tien food court is now closed permanently

Kilkenny can now be found at food courts like Ming Tien!
Kilkenny can now be found at food courts like Ming Tien!

I was just at Ming Tien the other day, taking a break out of all these home cooking activities and just decided to have a light meal and a bit of relaxation during the week. We ordered a couple bottles of Kilkenny to go with asam laksa and takoyaki.

Penang asam laksa, takoyaki, kilkenny
Penang asam laksa, takoyaki, kilkenny

The beer came in a bucket of ice to keep chilled, and two small glasses. I actually like small glasses cos you don’t ever let the beer go warm (I don’t drink fast enough I guess).

The best part was, it only costs RM 18.80 for the two bottles. A pretty good deal for premium beer if you ask me. 😀

So far as taste goes, it was still the same Kilkenny good taste that I’m familiar with, but with one small distinction: The draught version is nitrogenated to give it a smooth, creamy head. However, the bottled version enjoy the ability of staying chilled in ice bucket and only pour as you drink, I really can’t pick a favorite here. At the end of the day it is still essentially Kilkenny.

KY & Haze having a good beer over supper
KY & Haze having a good beer over supper

The laksa though, wasn’t exactly premium and can’t hold a candle to it’s Penang counterparts, or even the Kedah laksa at Alison nearby, but they don’t sell Kilkenny there, hehe.

Takoyaki wasn’t the best either, but at least it was a decent snacks since my favorite fried dumpling stall at Ming Tien was not in operation that day.

map to ming tien food court

You can also find Kilkenny at selected pubs and bars, food courts, restaurants, and cafes such as Kepong Food Court, Frontera Bar & Grill in Jaya One, Station 1 cafes and more.

Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.114334, 101.611658

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  1. Hahaha, we both had takoyaki with our Kilkenny!

  2. Tan Yee Hou

    TFM (Takoyaki Federation of Malaysia) co-sponsored arr hehe?

  3. iamthewitch

    Great to know that Kilkenny is more accessible now! Now, if only it’s the same with Paulaner.. hehe

  4. Ah~ joy is being able to enjoy ur favorite beer at anywhere u are.

  5. Great find. Thanks for sharing. I love drinking beers at coffeeshops/food courts! 🙂

  6. I bet it would go really well with the shark fin noodles at Ming Tien too. Heh!

    • Huai Bin: hahaha, no sharks fin for me even tho the one at ming tien’s 99.9% confirm fake one.

  7. I am not much of a kilkenny fan but that assam laksa looks deliciously tempting.. 😛

  8. I had this KilKenny at Hakka Restaurant @ Jalan Raja Chulan two weeks ago 😀

  9. It’s also available in Asia Cafe!!! Woot!!!

  10. Thanks for listing Frontera 🙂

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