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Sure, Penang is famous for it’s char kueh teow, laksa, and curry mee, but for those of you who wants to still have something to chew during those pesky couple hours in between meals, here’s something you definitely should not miss – mini apom!

apom chooi at Burma road, Penang
one of the mini apom stalls – Apom Chooi

I’ve had these mini apoms for as long as I can remember, some 20 odd years ago, it was 7 apoms for RM 1.00, now they are RM 0.35 a piece, but they guy will happily sell 3 for RM 1.00 too. Inflation is a bitch isn’t it?

So far as I can tell, there are only two stalls selling these mini apoms in Penang, and I haven’t managed to find an equivalent anywhere else either. These guys aren’t young either, so you might be looking at the last line of mini apom sellers. Rumor had it that the two sellers are related, and aren’t talking to each other, something that owners of Bernard’s and Champs can related too, I’m sure.

mini apom with sweet corn and banana, only RM 0.35 each
addictive mini apom with sweet corn and banana slices

As for the apom itself, it’s sweet with a hint of savory. The two standard ingredients inside the apom are banana slices and sweet corn. The feeling of sweet corns bursting in your mouth while chewing the apom can be very… rewarding.

Try it before stalls like these go away for good. If you know where I can find this at Klang Valley please do share ya!

map of burma road, penang

Outside Union Primary School,
Burma Road, Penang
GPS: 5.423212, 100.321988

Discuss : KY eats – Penang Mini Apom

  1. Michelle

    Man, the picture of you and your apom!

  2. ehhh pasar malam oso got sell wan ! πŸ˜€

  3. they indeed are related… the one in the photo is my friend’s father… and the other one is his uncle…
    and my friend has no interest in making apom whatsoever… LOL

    • winsern: hahaha the uncle and father don’t talk to each other do they?

      • πŸ˜† lol… because the uncle “borrowed” the recipe or smth and doesn’t want to operate his stall anywhere but just a few meters away…

        i find the uncle to be more friendly tho… πŸ˜‰

  4. Prefer to go grab some pisang goreng at tanjung bungah πŸ˜€

    • ShaolinTiger: why do you need to choose? from jalan burma to tanjung bungah the apom will be all digested anyway, eat more! lol.

  5. I miss penang food… used to had apom at penang, my lovely hometown. Too bad, nw at kl

  6. Nicholas

    Everytime got many people wait for the apom one, I very lazy. Haha. Last time got one car wait for 50apoms.

  7. lionelong

    wah, the apom looks like an egg πŸ™‚

  8. Francesca

    greetings from seattle. first time had apam balik was at the malaysian restaurant here. it was sooo goood. malaysian friends confirm it tht it was good πŸ™‚ but 35 cents … ahhh so cheeappp … the restaurant doesn’t even put that in the menu, we have to request it with condition the chef is in the mood for making it πŸ˜•

  9. so delicious!

  10. The apom look like fried egg

  11. SilverIsle

    There’s another one at Jelutong Market too. Yumz!

  12. OMG i love this stuff!

  13. i thought ming tien got sell, no?
    btw, really hard to get ur blog page load… maybe because of all the pics..

    • norick: ya ka? I didn’t know ming tien got, btw maybe the blog is slow due to the map widget, i shall do something about it I think. thanks for the feedback

      • yes, there’s an apom stall at ming tien that sells the exact same apom you had in penang.

  14. nekomeow

    i super luv mini apong !!!

  15. […] always thought that Mini Apom is only found in but two stalls in Penang situated right outside Union Primary School at Jalan Burma, and every time I went back to the […]

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