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The funny thing about foodie is that we often go on a long journey to sample something that we heard is good, but at the same time ignores the more famous eateries that are much closer to us. One of such places that I’ve managed to ignore for the past 7 years or so is the steamboat placeย Yat Yeh Heng,

Yat Yeh Heng is what steamboat is all about this part of Klang Valley, way before the rise in prominence of the various “pulau ketam” steamboat places,ย buffet style steamboats like Yuen, or the slightly more luxurious style like Damansara Village steamboat.

awesome chicken wings, and pretty good fried lala
awesome chicken wings, and pretty good fried lala

The only reason Yat Yeh Heng eluded me all these while was the simple fact that the restaurant is located too near from where I stay.

Anyway, not too long ago we finally found ourselves at the area looking for something to eat, and decided to finally give this place a try. Alongside with 4 portions of standard steamboat set, we also ordered extra serving of fish meat, a plate of kam heong fried lala, and their famous fried chicken wings.

old school ingredients, awesome steamboat
old school ingredients, awesome steamboat

Service wasn’t the fastest when there wasn’t even very packed there, but Yat Yeh Heng does redeem itself as soon as the lala and chicken wings arrived at the table. They were delicious!

The lala is comparable to the one at Alisan, and the chicken wings were simply superb, it must be one of the best I’ve had.

As for the steamboat, the soup were good, and ingredients pretty fresh as well. Together with the chili paste plus fried shallots (I always love to mix them), it is about as good as any steamboat places, except you won’t fret over finding a place to park at Yat Yeh Heng. We had both tomyam and clear soup, and I’d suggest you to start with clear soup before tomyam lest you want to not taste the former.

map to restaurant yat yeh heng

Together with drinks, the total bill came up to RM 133 for 7 of us, slightly less than RM 20 per pax. Satisfying dinner indeed, steamboat doesn’t need to always be in buffet format.

During lunch time, the same restaurant has a very famous and super busy chicken rice stall.

33, Jalan SS 4D/2,
Peopleโ€™s Park,
47301 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.112802, 101.599245
Tel:012-629 4807

Remember the previous post about the mysterious sign? I also posted a video on facebook, the same one like below:

Apparently these “signs” are appearing everywhere, and there’s already a guy hot on it’s trail. Check out this dedicated blog – Lambang Misteri. I’ve also seen the same signs at a few places in KL while at work.

A document related to this phenomena were recently uncovered and there appears to be a link – The mystery is soon to be revealed, I believe, but the link isn’t working for me at this time.. ermm…

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  1. I think this might be even nearer to my place. And I haven’t gotten the urge to try the chicken rice, or the steamboat yet.

  2. electronicfly

    My family and I used to go there when I was young (say, more than 15 years ago?) but stopped after one incident.

    There was poop on one of the eggs, and the poop touched the noodles. My mom sent it back, and ALL OF US saw the dude just clean the egg, put it back, and brought the same plate of poop-y ingredients to our table.

  3. wow…nice food out there…cant wait to go back to malaysia to eat…i miss the food in malaysia

    • kumfye: haha yah, no other places in the world can rival the variety here in Malaysia ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. look at the size of them prawns, chicken wings and LALA.. WOW!!!

  5. I think it must be some form of marketing by some company launching some product? Anyways, the fried chicken wings look good!

  6. Isaac Tan

    Woot. Yummy food. Ur right, most of the time we take for granted the good food that are nearest to us! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward to seeing if the kolony website is going to be active on 6th April. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. It’s the Mt. Kinabalu Syndrome (TM). Most people in Sabah has never climbed the montain even though it’s practically at their doorsteps. The reason being it’s too close – it’ll always be there so they’ll climb it some other day.

    Heh! While for us, we fly there just to climb the damn mountain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. wah i always pass by this shop but didn’t know they serve steamboat!

  9. […] one of my aim to be able to master as many pork dishes as possible. Since I’ve managed the tau eu bak (braised pork belly with soya sauce), naturally the next one would be mui choy pork […]

  10. Iniemailgue

    Just a little comment on the place. I went there with family for dinner, to give it a try after reading KY post. First, the place is on the dirty side. Second, their steamboat not so fresh. Third, we went home w/ stomachache. While we had our dinner, there was a family of 6 pax arrive and order steamboat also, don’t know what happened but they got their steamboat, they cook it, and the next thing they were complaining about the meat and veggie, and the family walk away. I believe they were complaining about veggie not fresh and meat smell funny or kinda spoiled.

  11. never tried the chic wings before, but i used to patronize this place a lot many years back and their quality really dropped to the bottom.. since then, never went back…

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