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Whenever Brussels Beer Cafe is mentioned, most people immediately think of groups of people drinking a variety of mostly imported beer. The name “beer cafe” certainly contributes to that impression.

However, Brussels is more than just a place beer, as I found out on this invited food review session organized Michael, the dude who is known for his alcoholic beverages review column.

Brussels Beer Cafe, at Solaris Mont Kiara
Brussels Beer Cafe, at Solaris Mont Kiara

While waiting for the others to come, I noticed this little gadget they have at the bar – instant glass chiller (or whatever you call that).

This thing spews out really cold water and instantly chills beer glass to almost freezing temperature. Very nifty, there is no need to have tonnes of beer mugs kept in fridge all the time.

brussels summer fruit salad,  moules hoegaarden / mariniere
Brussels summer fruit salad,  moules Hoegaarden / mariniere

The first dish was Brussels Summer Fruit Salad, fresh tasting but otherwise not particularly special. It is a salad dish for those who really want a low calorie meal (sans the cheese, of course.)

Then came moules Hoegaarden / mariniere (mussels marinated with Hoegaarden). I thought it is a bit of an overkill to imported beer for marinate, but the mussels really does taste very good. The serving isn’t exactly big though, and the dish came across a bit pricey (close to RM 50 if I remember correctly, well, did I say imported beer?)

prawn bisque, potatoe skin, blind finches, chicken waterzooi
prawn bisque, potatoe skin, blind finches, chicken waterzooi

I thought prawn bisque is like the poor man’s lobster bisque, but it turned out to be pretty much a thicker, cream version of Penang prawn noodle soup. It’s pretty interesting to be honest, but I reckon not everyone’s taste.

Potato skin goes well as beer food, I thought blind finches (beef with ham all rolled up, Dutch dish) was pretty good too, if not just a little bit too strong a taste in the beer gravy.

The chicken waterzooi, a traditional Belgium dish, did not click with me. I thought it was just buttery breast meat without much kick in it. Your mileage might vary.

roast pork - one of my favorites!
roast pork – one of my favorites!

The roast pork at Brussels has got to be my favorite dish. The style differs from traditional hawker version (ala Wong Kee), the skin is a lot less crispy but instead the overall texture much softer. Flavor is quite intense and I love it with mustard, very lovely actually!

pork knuckle - fit for a group!
pork knuckle – fit for a group!

The pork knuckle, ironically, tastes pretty close to traditional roast pork instead of what you’d expect from normal pork knuckle ala German style. It was pretty good! Though I think the gravy could be improved a bit, perhaps chicken rice style chili paste?

brussels style pork bacon cheese burger, grilled baby beef ribs, the big one
brussels style pork bacon cheese burger, grilled baby beef ribs, the big one

I didn’t try the pork bacon cheese burger, but those who did liked it. The grilled baby beef ribs was juicy and sumptuous, and the big one brought really did make a big impact on its size, but I think you’ll need about 4 hungry souls to finish one serving.

we were obviously having tonnes of fun at Brussels
we were obviously having tonnes of fun at Brussels

As for beverages, Brussels of course never disappoint. We had Hoegaarden, Blackthorn cider, and Paulaner Konig Ludwig and Franzkainer too.

It was overall a very enjoyable session, chef Pele (what a name, right?) and Mike Chang the manager were very friendly chaps whom I’d hope to meet again.

Brussels Beer Café, Solaris
Lot K-OG 13 & 14, SoHo KL,
No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Mon’t Kiara

50480 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.174689, 101.659595
Tel: 03-6205 2999

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  1. I don’t think we had Blackthorne or Paulaner, dude. There was Konig Ludwig and Franzkainer though.

  2. I thought Brussels Beer Cafe only beer and finger foods. Looks like their main dishes really comprehensive! Next outing to Brussels!

  3. Yah nice but a bit pricey, btw I think the blind finches was duck wrapped in bacon no?

    • ShaolinTiger: you’re probably right, I was struggling to remember what was in blind finches. hehe

  4. I still remember when i visited brussels many years ago. Their Mussels & chips really did amazed me. This Belgium national dish is like the fish & chips to UK. It was just that fresh and wine indulged. Flavourful enough for a sick one like me to savour at that time. (I was down sick for the whole journey there)

    I wonder if this version is anything closer to the real thing ?

    • charles: I don’t know how the “real thing” tastes like but this version’s plenty good enough for me 😀

  5. Hei, they have a branch in PJ, ie Jaya One….was there last weds. did not bring any camera……their roast pork was unbelievable crispy. Surprised they chopped the pork knuckle unlike the other German restaurant. Two of us, and besides the above so called must try, also had blue mussle (nothing to shout about)….had a much better one in a small outfit Belgium restaurant in SOHO Hong Kong,- must try! Of course, before all the sin, had ceasar salad and washed down with Konig Ludwig and another bottle of beer whereby its served with a special hanging long slender laboratory flask ! 🙄

  6. Pauwel Kwak – name of the beer

  7. The instant beer chiller would be cool to have (pun not intended) at home.

  8. very happening this solaris…up market la…
    besides its a booze trap area..Always received info about
    frequent sobriety test conducted…But then again if just to be there for
    2 mugs….err not excitingly enough

  9. Michelle

    Very porky yeah!

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  11. mike yoder

    I can’t find one of those glass chillers anywhere… you know where i can find one?

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