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Just got back from a trip to the Similan Islands near Phuket/Khao Lak over the past 6 days that includes 4 days and 4 nights spent on the boat without touching dry land. My very first Live On Board experience.

enjoying a piece of grilled chicken at Khao Lak

enjoying a piece of grilled chicken at Khao Lak

It was pretty much a last minute thing as I only decided to join when a spot came up for the liveaboard trip. I’ll be writing a lot more about the trip in the next couple days.

mantis shrimp, shot at Similan Islands

mantis shrimp, shot at Similan Islands

The trip was full of unplanned events, but that’s until next post! In the mean time here’s a photo of a mantis shrimp taken at one of the 15 dives we did over the course of the entire trip.

Discuss : just got back from Similan Islands

  1. yor..the shrimp looks like alien..

  2. Is this the mantis that we normally eat?

  3. y cho kalerfoo wan? okay I’m not dyslexic ;p

  4. Tan Yee Hou

    Wahhh the Thais damn khao lat! scold here scold there.

    abit then similan.

    • Tan Yee Hou: hahaha, it is actually a “wrong” spelling of Sembilan as there are 9 islands :S

  5. yalo similan sounds like the thais very angry hahaahahah

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