This is a timely promotion XPAX, U.O.X and S.O.X users. It is holiday season, and we’re bound to be sending a lot of SMS greetings and making phone calls to love ones kan?

celcom reload buttonYou can now find this sign on the left at many locations – RELOAD*. Just in case you might have confused * as “terms and conditions”, well, it isn’t. The * here is a combination of + and x symbols.

The two symbols carry the message that the more you reload (+), and the more time you reload (x), the more rewards you’ll get!

celcom reload frequency

The promotion mechanic is pretty straight forward:

  • Reload a minimum of RM 10, 10 times between now until 28th February, 2011
  • Remember to do your 5th reload the same day as the 4th reload to get 100 mins free talk time to any number on the same network, valid for 2 days
  • Do the 7th reload the same day as 6th reload to get free calls & sms to your 15pax/8pax for one whole week
  • Be qualified for the cash prizes by reloading for the 10th time before the deadline

celcom reload prizes

I don’t k now about you, but I surely can use some of $$ especially during & post CNY season. The cash prizes are up to RM 8,888 (very ONG number!) if you’re on XPAX, RM 3000 and RM 2000 if you’re on U.O.X. and S.O.X.

haze with phone

It doesn’t matter what phone you’re using, be it the “panda” style iPhone, normal tai-kor-tai brick style phone, blackberry, or android smart phone, so long as you’re on XPAX/U.O.X/ S.O.X network, you’re qualified for this rewards + contest!

Good luck folks!

Reload for awesome rewards
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