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Most living rooms in Malaysia has a pretty similar set up. Here’s what’s front of my living room couch.

LCD TV, PS3, Wii, Astro B.yond

A pretty decent 40″ LCD TV, a PS3 we recently accidentally bought just cos they launched Grand Tourismo 5, a Wii that has served us well with many hours of Guitar Hero action, and an Astro B.yond box.

To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I have the Astro account mainly for sports and those learning/documentary channels (with occasional news.)

Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson
Minnesota Vikings, running back Adrian Peterson

The reason I don’t watch much TV is because I have a problem. A timing problem.

You see, some of my favorite sports shows on TV are played on the other side of the planet – USA.

The number one sports for me is NFL, check out the photo above with Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson breaking a tackle. It is the ultimate team sports, with complex rules and crazy strategies and very different scoring system compared to other sports.

Astro usually plays the Monday Night game, which inconveniently also means that it falls on Tuesday morning in Malaysia, just the time I’m having coffee in front of the PC at office. I ended up missing a lot of games, and only watched one live Monday Night game with Vikings this season. I was on leave.

Live sports is all good, but sometimes I want to take away the “Live” part of it.

Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls
Man vs Wild – Bear Grylls

I’m also a Discovery Channel junkie, and one of my favorite shows has gotta be Man vs Wild. The photo above is Bear Grylls eating sashimi zebra (I probably won’t recommend you trying it). Each episod, this dude dropped at some god forsaken remote place, and his task is to get to civilization. He’s got a bottle of water, fire stone, knife, and whatever he’s wearing.

A show about survival skill, and loads of very interesting things this guy came up with to stay alive and get out of some pretty daunting situations. One episod he’s dropped in the middle of a dessert, another he’s at some jungle in Amazon, or some place in Iceland. Amazing stuff, watch it!

The problem is, the show is aired on 8:05 every Wednesday. That collides with dinner time…

I want to watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it. Take charge of my own TV, which is why I got myself the Astro PVR.Astro B.yond PVR

The good news is, you can have it too!

Astro is giving 10 reviewers one whole year’s worth of subscription for recording service and the Astro B.yond PVR set. Furthermore, the grand price winner gets a 3 day 2 night luxury trip for two to Sutera Habour at Kota Kinabalu. (I’ve been to the lobby of that resort and it was beaauuuutiful!)

To participate, the chosen bloggers just have to do the following

  • write a minimum of 4 blog posts on the PVR (every fortnight)
  • 8 tweets or more
  • 8 facebook updates (4 tagging Astro Fan page)

Of course, you also need an Astro account at home to qualify.

Judging is based on creativity, effort (number of posts/updates), and level of engagement (get your friends to comment!).

Sounds like a plan to me, what about you?

p/s: follow @astroonline on twitter and check out too.

Discuss : Take charge of my own TV

  1. i super want a PVR set now! Cos I keep missing my show on Wah Lai Toi wtf yes I am a housewife in the making 🙁

  2. Dang, I have been living without Astro for a while now. Tempted to get one now 😛

  3. dude, coool stuff tat u published especially on foods around malaysia…any chance to join u for a FEAST :mrgreen:

  4. Man I’ve seen Bear Grylls get out of a desert, but watching him try to get out of the middle of a dessert? I’d pay good money to see that!

  5. At least u still get to watch NFL games. I’ve resorted to using livestreams to watch NHL games after ESPN stopped showing it a few years ago. 🙄

  6. Have posted my comment at Nuffnang, hopefully will get chosen!

  7. PVR is very useful oo 😛

  8. Oh no Vikings….Michael Vick is the man (pls watch ww15 eagles vs giants) 😉

    • Brian: Yah I missed that game, Vick’s the real deal this year man, can’t wait for this weekend’s game!

  9. wah what a nice set of TV!

  10. very useful stuff.. time is money too..

  11. that man vs wild pic is seriously disturbing! 😡
    did he sprinkle some salt and pepper before he eats? eww!

  12. I also dont watch a lot of TV. Sometimes i forgot that i have TV. Facebook addicted lol~

  13. You should visit MN one day and I will take you and yours to the Dome to watch the Vikes play….used to have season tickets, but they got really expensive 🙁

    • Skwermy: perhaps one of these days, I actually spent 3 winters in Minnesota (Bemidji & St. Cloud), kinda miss that place, but not the snow though. lol

  14. You have just remind me of Detroit Redwings…already few years lapse and I didn’t catch them on TV for quite sometimes.

  15. Btw, Astro doesn’t really telecast much on NHL season exceptional for important games only. Speaking of Lidstrom, who will succeeding his captaincy in the future?

  16. True enough, brother. It’s doesn’t looks like old days whereby we can catch up in TV2 live schedule.

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