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To be honest, before the following epic song from youtube, I didn’t know that Christmas is a twelve day celebration. While we’re at this cosmically auspicious number (12 hr on your clock, 12 star signs, 12 chinese zodiac, 12 in a dozen, etc), I’ll like to talk about the 12 things I want for Xmas.

But before that, you have to watch the epic video.

Now this list of 12 things I want, I don’t expect to be able to really get all of them, nor do I really think that some of them are entirely realistic, or make any sense. This will be almost like wild birthday wishes, except there are 12 of them, here goes!

Cendawan the Bengal cat

1. I wish that Cendawan the Bengal cat learns to walk on leash like a dog, I mean, the dude already can play fetch better than most canines already. Refer to this post’s video. This way we can bring him out and pretend to be fashionable like the rich and famous walk their cheetahs in the 60s.

2. The same cat should also learn how to open canned food and stop waking me up at 7am everyday to ask for food.

3. While learning how to use a can opener, how about get on to use the bottle opener and fetch me some Guinness while I play games in front of the TV? That’ll surely be neat.

Logitech G27 with racing seat

4. Which brings us to the next item. I wish to have another set of Logitech G27 racing wheel + seat setup so that we can play multiplayer GT5 while having a good drink.

5. Someone should invent a car simulator game to simulate drunk driving and the consequences of driving intoxicated. Who says education for adults can’t be achieved via gaming? It’s a brilliant idea, think about it. We can have this in the curriculum for driving license too. Responsible Drinking is what we should advocate.

6. I also wish for more drive through restaurants. Sure, we have McDonald’s and a few KFCs, but how about some drive through hawker foods? Or even a drive through bakery/sandwich place? That’s not too much to ask for I believe!

Guinness inspired food

7. While we’re at the subject of food, I want for this Xmas, more Guinness infused dishes! Other than various meat and a few seafood dishes, the most interesting item has got to be the Guinness sorbet by Chef in Black. I want to see more, that or someone start selling Guinness sorbet in hypermarkets please.

Lorong Selamat char kueh teow

8. It’s also about time someone cook the exact same version of Lorong Selamat char kueh teow and sell them here. Preferably within walking distance from my house or workplace. Those gigantic prawns, yumsss.

9. While we’re at the topic of hawker food, the awesome curry mee with coagulated pork blood – could you please operate till at least 11am on weekends?

10. More Chinese/Malay style eateries to operate 24 hours please. We’re confined to mamak and Ming Tien food courts only. 🙁

Guinness 250 anniversary Aquaria

11. How about a few more awesome Guinness events like the one we had at Aquaria just prior to Arthur’s Day celebration? Guinness sure know how to throw a great party!

12. Lastly, I want you guys to check out the Merry Guinness facebook page. Buy 6 pints of Guinness Draught or a bucket of Guinness stout gets you a Guinness Heritage glass! The page also list the 12 events Guinness is having from 10th all the way to the 23rd of December, check it out!

13. Why do I limit myself to 12 items anyway? Leave a comment and tell me what you want for your Merry Guinness this year and join me for a pint of Guinness and a delicious Xmas dinner at Bulldog pub (at Hartamas) on 17th of Dec 2010! There’ll be 4 winners, be creative! We can play the Merry Mat there, it’ll be more than just a pint of Guinness, it’ll be the whole Merry Guinness Experience you’re getting. 😀

Cheers and here’s to Merry Guinness!

Discuss : 12 things I want for Xmas!

  1. Wow, you have a nice racing console! Where do you get the whole set with the seat? I searched around and they only sells the steering with pedals. Mind to share the place you get for the seat?

  2. Serge Norguard

    what i want for my merry guinness is to have a renewed work contract or getting a permanent job that allows me to do what i do best. that is of course being a nerd!

  3. All i wish for christmas is for cars to be able to run on lard… maybe then.. the piggies will not be misunderstood as being dirty, lazy and useless… the goodness of lard :))

  4. Ronaldmohoni

    i like the food..

  5. snowybabie

    sokong #8!!!!!

  6. Tan Yee Hou

    KY this year got party or not? A Guinness party!!

  7. What I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth (too much baby nursery rhymes). Actually what I want is just to have a very merry christmas celebration with family and friends!

  8. What I want for Christmas is a tummy that will never grow with all the food that I’m about to stuff in.. :X

  9. My Xmas wish is to have a NOT so silent night:)
    KY, ur food blog is fantastic, i’m ur loyal fan, i like the idea of drive thru restaurants, solve the problems of no or illegal parking..

  10. I want to feast with KY at Bulldog this Xmas! 🙂

  11. For Merry Guinness this year, I wanna join KY for a delicious Xmas dinner and a pint of red and green colour (Christmas theme) Guinness at Bulldog pub 🙂

  12. My wish this Christmas is for the government to make it legal for me to beat up any guy who breaks my heart!

  13. I am also wanna go Guinesssssshh….

  14. I second the motion for more 24 hour eating places instead of mamaks and food courts!

  15. only 12 things??! try 24 or 48 .. hahahaha 😛

  16. oi! did my comment go into spam?! LOL

  17. wah your racing seat is awesome!

  18. Jobless Girl

    Char Kueh Teow looks delicious.

  19. haha but me beating up people is not legal..they cld sue me, so if it’s made legal i dont have to worry anymore!

  20. Nice steering + seat combo, I have the exact same model from Logitech(minus the seat..haha).. I always wanted a setup like yours, thought of getting a sports seat from Sunway and do some modifications of my own. Anyway, You mentioned you got it from Summit, might sharing more info about the shop and the price for the setup? Thanks

    • Kenneth: got it from a shop at USJ Summit, either ground or 1st floor if I remember correctly. We got the whole ps3+controller+seat+steering+game for 4k lumsum

    • Kenneth: got it from a shop at USJ Summit, either ground or 1st floor if I remember correctly. We got the whole ps3+controller+seat+steering+game for 4k lump sum

  21. if you’re looking for Guiness ice cream (not sorbet, unfortunately!) I think the Bee at Jaya One serves some. It’s just opposite Wendy’s.

  22. I want the bastard who stole my WALL-E toy at my wedding to give it back!!! (Or a new one would be nice. :D)

  23. All I want for X’Mas this year is to spend the meaningful day with my new group of friends that I’ve been hanging out with. You guys know who you are, you guys are wonderful! Muah Muah….

  24. What i want from this year’s christmas is world peace and happiness. And if that comes true, i’d also like the April 2011 Macbook Pro as well as the new Wii thats about to come out (throw in the 2011 Civic Type R as well!)


  25. Bro, where is this shop in summit that u bought your seat rig from?

    • Yk: it was on either 1st or 2nd floor at Summit USJ, one of the biggest gaming store there but I can’t remember the name.

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