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I was battling flu symptoms since late last week, it got better, then it got worse, then it got better, then it got worse. Runny nose, itchy eyes, and that constant sneezing was getting very annoying. So yesterday, I decided that something had to be done

In the afternoon, I had some Japanese food with plenty of wasabi.

curry fish head stall at restaurant Arlison
curry fish head stall at restaurant Arlison

That provided a good relief for some half an hour, but did not fix the case. So after work, I walked straight from Taman Bahagia LRT station to the nearby Restaurant Arlison while it was still drizzling and order up something more potent – curry fish head.

I think siakap fish is used here, and instead of pure fish head, there are some fish meat too. Other ingredients include brinjal, long bean, lady’s finger, tofupok, and cabbage. All came simmering in a clay pot coconut milk based curry that is both hot in temperature and spiciness level.

super spicy curry fish head (lemak)
spicy curry fish head (lemak)

As if the curry isn’t enough, there’s a small plate of chili padi for the masochists too.

The curry actually turned out to be quite delicious, and definitely spicy. For RM 13 a pop it is definitely not very economical (the curry fish head stall at Ming Tien sells for about RM 10) but the portion is pretty big, and the quality of fish was commendable.

Not a bad choice if you want to have curry fish head but nobody else does. If it’s on weekends and you have a small group of people, my recommendation goes to Kampung Atap Curry Fish Head.

map to restaurant arlison at Petaling Jaya

I had my nose cleared for about half an hour, but in the end, trying to cure flu by having spicy food was not meant to be. I ended up going to the doctors’ last night and hence writing this now at home, god bless medical certificate.

I shall go back to rest. Cheers!

Restaurant Arlison
Jalan SS 2/4A
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.111565,101.611197

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  1. Get well soon! I would have implied the same method to cure a flu or cold 🙂

  2. What a way to cure flu! You could have had more apples and lemons instead of curry fish head!

  3. ok ok … now i know wat i am goin to have for dinner d… curry fish head!!

  4. i love curry fish head!!! SS2 is somewhere im OK n wont get lost in, so i’ll def give this a go soon!

    • Augustdiners: this isn’t the usual SS2 place though, much closer to SS3 and SS4 instead. 😀

  5. I was battling flu + cough over the weekend, but my case worst coz got sore throat, eating chilli or curry is will provide cure for the nose, but not for the throat. 😥

  6. good recommendation. my dad would love this

  7. What about the Hong Kong method, Coca cola boiled with ginger.

  8. you could try eating real spicy tom yum steamboat accompany with spicy chilli sauce …it works for me try also eating manuka honey add with lemon lime and hot water …mix together .

  9. that’s expensive, see only cheap cheap veg like …cabbage !

    I will go for the opposite new restoran Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle (best beef broth and quality food) the claypot tenderloin soup is only RM9.50 (imported beef).. !


  10. heyy. new place? I’ve been staying in SS2 sinc elike 16 years ago and I’ve never noticed this! Thanks for your blogging, I shall try it soon =D

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