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Just checked into Disneyland Hotel, HK isn’t a place with many wifi spots but luckily the lobby of the hotel has free wifi service.

Spotted Snow White having photo sessions with kids, lovely place.

Having lunch at Crystal Lotus restaurant at the hotel now, with suckling pig + bun, yum max. Will be back to KL tomorrow night but first, whole day and a half’s Disney tour! 😀

Discuss : Checked into Disneyland Hotel!

  1. Ask her to take your phone and pose as if she’s talking on the line, then snap a shot..

  2. foodcrazee

    1/2 a day? too short bro

  3. Short trip? Not extending all the way till Wednesday…

  4. wow… strip… 😯

  5. day and a half disney tour? i thot can kaotim in one day? LOL:D

  6. what are you doing in disneyland??!!! looking for sleeping beauty or the beast?

  7. have fun! but why do you have a spot on your head haahah :mrgreen:

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