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After having a pretty good first impression on the food at Jalan Peel that came in the form of Kar Kar Lai chicken/pork rice stall, I was determined to go back to the area again. We did just that several weeks later, but this time to check out the hawker scene at night.

hawker stalls at Jalan Peel, Cheras
hawker stalls at Jalan Peel, Cheras

The setup of the hawker center at Jalan Peel is much like the one at Kuchai Lama (awesome grilled lamb), with rows of stalls situated along Jalan Peel, right across Shell gas station. Pollution in terms of noise, smell, or air aren’t exactly the best, but hey, we’re a third world country and we embrace this kinda thing, don’t we?

mixed pork soup
mixed pork soup – meat, tripes, intestine, blood, tongue etc

There are some dozen stalls operating on the stretch, but as soon as I saw the pork innards stall, I made my decision. The last time I had this was at Restaurant Matahari at Bandar Seri Damansara with Kim, and that stall has unfortunately,Β already ceased operation.

The bowl of goodness you see in the photo above comes with generous amount of 3-layer pork, tripes, big and small intestines, pork tongue, and even my favorite – coagulated pork blood. It was a little slice of heaven for RM7.

drinks, coagulated pork blood, popiah
drinks, coagulated pork blood, popiah

Having seated outside the corner kopitiam, we ordered drinks from another stall. Fresh sugar cane and coconut juice, kinda felt like being on a holiday.

The pohpiah here (RM 1.80 per pc) was crispy and pretty good too. We ended up ordering more cos the Char Kueh Teow I tried to order somehow didn’t came. I still prefer the non-halal pohpiah at Jonker’s street in Melaka, but this was quite fine too.

KY & Haze at Jalan Peel
KY & Haze at Jalan Peel

There are certainly more stalls to try out at this hawker center. The chicken wings and the satay stalls always looked busy, and I want to try the CKT too. Will go there again soon!

map to Jalan Peel hawker centre

Hawker Center
Jalan Peel, Cheras
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: Β 3.13102, 101.72293

Discuss : Pork Innards Soup & Rice at Jalan Peel hawker center

  1. eh, the beef noodle there also veli nais!

  2. Chicken wings there nice ! and the tai chow not bad also !!!

  3. I can’t wait to go home already! All that coagulated pork blood!

  4. The hawker center at Peel Road is also famous for their satay and steamed fish head. A little slice of food haven, i say!

  5. wah the pork innards looked good and it’s difficult to get those nowadays. nice!

  6. if you lovely couple come to KK one day, i will happy to bring both of you to good “chu chap” soup aka pork innards in Hakka πŸ˜›

  7. foodcrazee

    niameh. . .this couple eat like nobody’s biz but still sekeding . . .camne lu maintain? lolz

  8. Queen’s hotel is only famous for its satay, chicken wings and old skool soup kambing and nothing else. The fishhead stall only arrive 2 years ago. However, their popularity is increasing. Previously, there’s a Thai lady operating a stall which sells seeham/lala bakar, calamari bakar and such. Alas, she left already. Now go check those yummies out πŸ™‚

  9. the soup is abit salty…

  10. Oh oh !! I remember this! Used to frequent Jln Peel when I was younger with my parents. Did you try the beef ball noodles stall next door ? they serve yummy wantan type noodles with sauce and minced beef and balls !! πŸ˜€

    • Danica: i think the beef noodle is what I’m going to try next!

      • AWESOME! DYING to know if it’s still the same as before! Their chili is nice and tangy, the beef balls are authentic which will guarantee your needing toothpicks later lol. Noodles harden fast so better eat quick, not advisable to tahpau πŸ™‚

        There’s a tong sui/drinks stall few stalls away, ask for their “loke mei” tongsui with ice (if got lah).

        Making myself very hungry with all this talk lol

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